Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Is This I Don't Even

Wow, how time flies. It's nearly the end of February and I haven't even asked you guys how you spent your Valentine's Day. However, If you're like me, you spent nearly the whole day fast asleep after coming home at 12 in the afternoon from a half-day at the clinic then woke up just in time to scarf down a McDonald's delivery of large fries and a double hot caramel sundae before Valentine's Day officially ended by 12 AM. Yummy in my tummy! Although I may actually be forced to admit that the way I spent this year's V-day is actually worse than last year's. Who'd a thunk it?

Well, this is depressing, considering last year I was actually hoping that this year I'd be out all day, swarmed with gifts, flowers and expensive food with a hottie by my side. But I'm sure all you lovers out there had a blast. Teehee.

So yeah. That's pretty much all I can say about this since nothing even remotely significant happened to me. Oh and since I detest having posts without pictures, here's a stock photo I saved a long time ago of a guy who forked an entire bowl of spaghetti into his mouth all at once. I remember saving it thinking I could use it in my blog someday (and I can only imagine what type of post I'd use it in), but I think now is a good enough time as any to slap it on here.

"Oh gawd...this spaghetti...just..GAWD. omnomnomnom"

Oh and finally, shameless plug! For everyone who wants to read updates on my boring, everyday life wherein I mostly just talk about potatoes and whine about studying and college and shizz, follow me on my personal twitter account here!

Well, this is a crappy post. Meh.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moving Things With My Mind

So I watched "Chronicle" today with my brother at the cinema, despite being fully aware of the fact that I have an exam with a really heavy coverage on Monday that I haven't studied for, yet. But you guys know me, I am a master at the fine art of procrastinating.

"Hurr durr..we're on a ledge"

So Chronicle is the story of three high school guys who gain telekinetic powers after they poke around a hole in the ground and discover a crystal like structure with veins and stuff. They can fly and move objects around. Yay! They use their powers for petty stuff at first, like making Lego blocks float in the air and making a teddy bear dance around to the horror of a little girl watching, but as they grow stronger, they soon find it hard to keep their powers in check. Especially for one member of their group- a social outcast with a dying mom and an abusive father. We all know what comes after that. Oh and one thing to note is that this movie is a "found footage" kind of film that not only includes video from the main video camera, but also footage from police cams and security cams, especially during the end. It works since the kid with the camera can make it float around while it's filming most of the time so everyone can be in the scene, without having one person behind the camera all the time.

Now, I think the film was interesting enough to hold your attention until the end. The acting was really good, although there were some characters (like the girl with the other camera who seemed to just be there to film the main characters with a third party cam) that I wished didn't exist. The ending was rather meh, but I think it was a good film altogether.

Now, this film got me thinking about telekinesis and if it's really possible. I mean if I could really do it. Oh, the possibilities! First thing I'd do is definitely have food from the refrigerator float up to me so I don't have to go all the way down the stairs and to the kitchen! Fookin' A! This film reawakened my interest in moving stuff around with my mind (that all started when I watched Matilda when I was a young one). 

Fork bending because spoon bending is too mainstream.

I also had a dream once that I had telekinetic powers. I impressed everyone by moving stuff with my mind, as I waved my hands around, flexed my fingers and furrowed my brow. When I finally woke up from that awesome dream, groggy and disoriented, I still strongly believed I had telekinetic powers and attempted to move either my blanket or my phone to me (I can't really remember which). Of course, as I struggled to do it, I only ended up out of breath with cramping fingers. Only then did I realize that I did not in fact have any such telekinetic powers. T'was a sad moment for me.