Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some people are loopy!

Hello everyone! I just had a late breakfast of Froot Loops and boy, did that crunchy sugary goodness sure hit the spot. Yummy!. Now, I admit that I like Froot Loops because it's cute and colorful and tasty (although the calories it can pack on leaves much less to be desired). As a result, I only eat Froot Loops when I am super lazy to make a proper breakfast.

So earlier, I randomly googled "froot loops" so I could put off studying and I came across this article that talks about how Froot Loops and some other selected Kellog cereals were recalled from shelves 5 months ago due to an off-flavor and smell coming from the box liners. Apparently some people became sick because of this.

Then, I scroll down and come across this sole comment:

You go, dude!

Now that's what I call dedication. This guy took the time and effort to comment about his love for Froot Loops and how he would gladly scarf down bowls of them even though doing so would endanger his health and perhaps even his life. Of course, even though I really like Froot Loops, I would, as a matter of fact, care if they were "poisonis". I don't love them that much. Apparently, some people do. Haha.

nom nom,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seth Rogen + Jay Chou = The Green Hornet

So when it comes to celebrity crushes, I'm not like other girls who fall for the tall, athletic, dashing and handsome types. I'm the one who falls for the cute, chubby, funny guy.

Therefore, my celebrity crush is naturally:

Yes, that guy right there. He's Canadian and is currently 28 (11 years my senior). Now, I'm sure a lot of people would take one look at him and be all like: "meh". But he's actually a really talented actor and writer, appearing in such films as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, and my personal favorite Pineapple Express where he co-stars with James Franco in this hilarious stoner comedy (I totally recommend it). Unfortunately (for me), he's been officially off the market since September 2010 when he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Lauren Miller, rather unconventionally, I might add. Click here to see why. Haha.

Now, there's this one incident that happened when Seth was fairly new to the whole Hollywood business where he guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live with another rising star who was none other than Megan Fox. So when she comes in from backstage, she greets Kimmel with a kiss, then as Seth leans in to do the same friendly gesture, she physically stopped him from doing so, basically rejecting him on TV. When I saw this, I felt both ashamed and saddened for poor Seth and equally angry at Megan. I mean, how could she do that?  Now, I don't really like Fox that much but after watching this, I disliked her even more. Fast forward  to two years later and both of them are well-established young actors and Seth is once again asked to guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he talks about the incident. Watch both the "incident" and Seth's reaction to it here. It starts at the 1 minute 35 second mark.

Now we all know, there's this new movie called The Green Hornet (a superhero comedy film) coming out soon and Seth will star in it. Jay Chou, a Taiwanese musician and actor is also going to star in this film.

Here's a picture of him. (Seth's opposite, yes?)

Click here to go to Jay Chou's Wikipedia page. Now here's where it gets funny: I actually sort of have a crush on Jay Chou as well after seeing his performance in the film Curse of the Golden Flower (a wonderful fim recommended  by one of my friends). However, he's a bit older (31. haha). But he hasn't really appeared in many movies yet since he is known more as a musician and all of his other movies aren't really that well-known. But suddenly, here he comes and stars alongside Seth Rogen. It's like the two of them met up one day and started talking about how to make me really happy and finally decided on starring in a film together. If only that was true. *siiggghhh* ♥

Okay, enough acting like some lovesick chick. I admire them both and that is that.

I heart you Seth (okay, you too, Jay. Sorry Megan, not you.),

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

is white better?

I'm in the Middle East right now and as I peruse the aisles at grocery stores, I realize that there are almost zero products that offer to whiten your skin. Even brands that are known for their skin whitening properties back in my home country aren't even claiming to whiten skin. So I did some research and realized that countries such as China, India and those in South East Asia are the biggest market for skin whitening products since most of the people who live here are obsessed with whiter, lighter skin much like the European countries are into tanning and getting that nice bronzed look. Ironic, is it not?

Commercials about skin-whitening products in these countries are also abundant. However, these commercials can sometimes border on being racist. Observe:

Notice how the girl's life in the first commercial was desolate and gray. She was depressed and was portrayed as some sort of outcast. She also spent her lonely days sitting on pier railings and aimlessly walking around. But as soon as she used the whitening cream advertised, her life exploded with color, she became happier, little kids started randomly giving her flowers, and creepy guys start grabbing her hand from behind then they get all touchy-feely on the pier.
As for the second commercial, need I say more? You will start dating in 2 weeks? You'll look good in anything you wear? So does that mean if you have a darker skin color, you don't look good in anything you wear and you don't date people? Heck, they even proclaim that life is better with whiter skin! And at the end: Defy Color. Really? REALLY?

Now these whitening products aren't even confined to women. Here's one aimed at men:

So there's this random guy running around exposing other men who are using some sort of second-rate sun block cream as they hide in bathroom stalls and under bridges wearing hoodies to cover their "ugly, dark skin". This guy who seems to be the whitest among all the men in the commercial throws away their old sun block creams and offers them Fair and Handsome. They all then dance on a basketball court and jump forward in slow motion (what?). Enter these three hot women and they sing in shrill voices: "HI HANDSOME HI HANDSOME HI HANDSOME" as they gather around the newly whitened young man in the background. Finally, our hero chuckles in the foreground for a job well done of making young men whiter and handsome after only 4 weeks.

Now, I'm a perfectly normal individual born with tan skin and I like myself that way. Even though my society sort of prefers whiter women over the darker ones because you are automatically pretty if you are white. Perhaps, this stems from the belief from long ago that people with darker skin are those who work in the sun for long hours and the ones with whiter skin are those that get to stay at home because they are well-off. European people are just as bad since they use these spray-on tans and tanning creams, tanning beds, and go to tanning salons. They, on the other hand, think that pasty white skin is appalling. These commercials are manipulating our minds into thinking that we should be whiter or darker to be pretty (depending on where you were born).

Why can't we be happy in our own skin, the one we were born with? We are all beautiful in our own ways and we don't need to change a thing. I just hope other people realize this and stop trying so hard to be something they are not.

Stay gorgeous,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to the Mini Zoo

Oh hello. :)

So here's a random fact about me: I really love animals. Over the years, I've slowly transformed my home here with my family and my great aunt's condominium (where I'm staying while I'm in college) into a sort of mini zoo. Here, I have my fishes, my parrots, my cockatiels, and my dog. At the condominium, I have more fishes (common and comet goldfishes), a turtle named Ross, and two cats (that aren't really mine, but they're there. haha). I've also cared for a duck (then we gave him away after he got too big), a hamster (but he passed away after about two years when he got stuck behind his hamster wheel), even two chickens (but we had to give them away, too)

Anyway, this blog post is going to be about my dog for now. His name is Torin Logan. Now that I think of it, I can't really remember why I named him Torin or how I even came across that name but I do know that I named him Logan after Wolverine (you know, the guy played by the hunky Hugh Jackman in the X-men movies. tee-hee)

"Wait, so what am I supposed to do?"

I've had him ever since he was a wee little puppy and I love him to bits. We've had a lot of fun times together and I know that if anyone would ever try to hurt him, I'd come to his rescue in a heartbeat. He's been a really good and faithful friend. He just turned three years old last November and I can't believe I'd had him for three long, wonderful years.

'"Oh right. Smile, of course!"

He's hard work and everything and so are all my other little pets but it's worth it for me. I'll probably blog about my other pets some other time. So what about you guys? Do you have any pets? Do you like animals? I'd love to hear your stories.

I love waking up to this slobbering face. :)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Christmas Means to Me

Hey guys! So it's Christmas (well, where I am, anyway) and I am just gonna write this quick blog post before my family and I head off to yet another Christmas party where there will be gifts and merriment and of course, food! Cakes and cupcakes (my favorite is chocolate. mmmm), pancit, chicken barbecue, embutido, fruit salads, lumpia, palabok, potato salad, rellenong bangus, kare-kare (one of my favorite dishes), etc. (since I am Filipino, these are the dishes that are served at a typical Filipino Christmas party. You are free to google some of them but I do assure you all are dee-li-cious!)

This is kare-kare (or ox-tail in peanut sauce) Yum eh?

So the reason I haven't really been active with posts these last two or three days is because of these Christmas parties and all the eating and going out. So yeah, my diet is shot. Serves me right for trying to go on a diet in December, knowing perfectly well about all the parties and food. Haha. I am also loving the exchanging of gifts and all the Christmas shopping. Seems like everything's on sale!

But of course, since I am a Christian, (and I am going to try to not drone on and be all preachy) I do believe that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season (see what I did there? Haha). He changed my life ever since I accepted Him into my heart so each Christmas, my family and I try to not be blinded by Santa Claus and the reindeers and all the food and gifts but we try and focus more on how God gave His son Jesus to die for our sins and save all of us.

Hey. Everyone's entitled to their own beliefs aren't they? :)

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ah, the ol' mirror scene

So if you didn't quite get the hint, I am actually a big horror fan. *dun dun dun!* (so from now on, expect a creepy post thrown in my blog every now and then. *wink*)

There's just something about feeling those shivers travel up and down your spine that really gets me hooked. So whether it's creepypasta, scary/creepy pictures, creepy music or horror movies, I gobble it all up. I think the first horror movie I ever watched was the Blair Witch Project when it came out in 1999. I was about 6 years old then and in the first grade. My thoughts then were like:
  • Whaaat. This is boring. . .
  • Wait, what. What are those stones? Why are they like that? Okay, you knocked them down.
  • Oh Gosh. What are those noises? Oh my. . .Something's moving behind you! IT'S RIGHT THERE!
  • Stop arguing already. Okay, that's good. Go back to the car. Eeps! There are those noises again!
  • Not the rocks again! THE MAP'S GONE? Oh noooo!!!! HEY! Get away from those stick figures, man!!
  • OH GOOOOSSSHH. It's a baby screaming! YAAAGH!!
  • no way. you're back where you started. Hey, Josh is gone!
  • Oh shoot! Again with the sticks, really?! WHARGHKDH! ARE THOSE TEETH?! AAAAAGHH!
  • What are you doing? Seriously, I can't undertand a word you're saying, woman.
  • Oh gosh, it's Josh! You're going to look for him?! BUT HE'S GOT NO TEETH NOW!
  • wait, why is he standing there?
  • that was it?
So yeah. That was pretty much my reaction back then. Come to think of it, if I'd watch that movie now for the first time, I probably would have reacted the same. Haha.

Anyway, since I have watched quite a few horror movies (though I'm still trying to find time to watch some of the older ones), I've actually gotten quite good at determining who will probably die or when the killer/ghost/werewolf/vampire/zombie, etc. will appear by means of, what else, horror movie clichés!

Here's one horror movie cliché that I actually both love and hate. Haha. One thing's for sure, though, it'll never get old!

You know what's sort of sad? I've actually watched all the movies included in that video. Haha.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airport Missions

Since I live in a foreign country and attend college in my home country, I go home to my family in that foreign country every time there's a break from school that lasts a minimum of two weeks. So that means a lot of plane rides which by the way, each last about 16 hours (including stopovers). eep. Anyway, do you know what I like to do when I am at the airport waiting for my plane to start boarding? If you answered sit patiently somewhere or get some coffee, you are sadly mistaken.

I actually like to go ahead and pretend that I am a secret agent. Oh yes. I know that female secret agents haven't been really getting the exposure they so rightfully deserve, but admit it, they are awesome. They execute every move with precision and grace, they are excellent at multitasking (like reloading a gun while skillfully beating everyone who comes close to a pulp). Plus, men easily fall victim to their female charms and they are also normally (and wrongfully) viewed as delicate and harmless creatures, easily making women the deadliest weapons on the planet. Alright men, I dare you challenge that statement. Go on.

Did you hear me? I said...Ah, never mind.

So now that you won't argue that females are awesome, let me explain how I go about pretending I am a secret agent. Every time I go home, I have my laptop, phone and mp4 player in my carry-on baggage (for easy retrieval every time I have a "mission", of course). These are my handy-dandy secret agent tools. I walk around the airport to my gate exuding smooth and calculated confidence. I stand up straight and never miss a step. I exaggerate every move I make with my gadgets (like pretending to talk to someone on the phone while scanning my surroundings suspiciously or checking my watch and pretending to press some buttons there afterwards). Oh and did I mention that since I am still an Unaccompanied Minor, airport security has to constantly follow me around? Yeah. I undoubtedly look even more awesome with some airport security personnel following me around at a reasonable distance (not too close to make him look like my bodyguard and not too far that he just looks like some random security person doing his rounds but just right to make it seem like he's following me or is on to me) talking into a walkie-talkie, while I pretend to calmly evade him, lest my cover be blown. Also, when we get to my designated gate, the airport security personnel leaves me there for a while and I pretend to sigh with relief because I managed to shake him off my trail.

Honestly, I have gotten quite a few suspicious looks from random people at the airport and I actually love it. It pumps me up and further fuels my imagination. They probably believe that I am a real secret agent and an awesome one at that.Or they probably just think I'm some weird/crazy seventeen year old kid who acts like she's being followed.

I'm happy either way. Haha.

until our next mission,

Monday, December 20, 2010

share the love!

Hello again! So how about this: I leave random pick-me-up notes written on scraps of paper, tissue paper or even post-its in random places like cabs, restaurants, etc. You know, to help brighten some random person's day. :)

So we all know that this is not a new or original idea but it really is able to generate a smile at least. So I decided I'd get in on this and just do it. Oh and to personalize it, I've decided to leave this with my note:
It's just something I whipped up in Paint. So if you ever come across a nice little note with this drawing on it then you'll know it was from me. Haha. Also, you're free to join in and leave little notes of your own.

happy love-giving,

pet peeves please?

So earlier today, I was typing away at my computer happy as can be. I was adding a few more paragraphs to the novel I've been working on when I decided to minimize Microsoft Publisher (which is where I normally do stuff, because Microsoft Word has never really appealed to me) and long story short, I ended up exiting without saving. I was absolutely horrifed. I tried a lot of things to try and bring back the paragraphs I'd already typed out to no avail. So I guess I have to start all over again.

This got me thinking, though. I could use this to my advantage. Like say, make a blog post about it. So here it is! I hate it when I accidentally close a document (or anything for that matter), without saving first. Of course, this only applies to when I actually meant for the changes to be done. Don't those "do you want to save the changes you made to this document" prompts seem suspicious to you when you know you haven't changed anything? Here are a list of my other pet peeves right off the top of my head:
  • smokers who blow smoke in your face. i'm fine with you eventually having some sort of lung problem but please don't pass it on to me.
  • people who spit in the street or out their car windows. no. just no.
  • people who poop or pee on the bathroom floor. for crying out loud, the toilet's right there!
  • people who clog the toilet with tissue paper and anything else they might find fit to throw in there. why would you even do this? T_T
  • people who cut in line. hey buddy, i've been waiting quite a while and I'm not letting you just stroll right in here and act like you're something.
  • people who make popping sounds with their mouth, like Donkey did in Shrek 2, i think. I'm with Shrek on this one. it's soooo annoying.
  • girls who like to touch guys a lot and act overly flirty. come on, girl. don't try to look so desperate.
  • when I buy what I think is the coolest shirt/jeans/outfit and then I find out it looks like crap on me. whyyyyy? :(
  • people who mix up and misspell words. waist and waste, their and they're, your and you're, etc. it makes what you say seem less credible and/or intelligent.
  • people who swear all the time (sometimes, to act cool or to try and prove a point). it's irritating.
  • when someone asks to have some of my food and ends up getting more than half of it. save some for me, please?
  • people who wear their sunglasses indoors. seriously, what?
  • that kid who always reminds the professor of a homework he/she has forgotten to ask for or the test he/she almost forgot to give. darn you! why ruin class for the rest of us?
Oh wow. I actually wrote down quite a lot. I don't think it's a complete list yet, though. Haha. Also, almost all of them involve people. Maybe I find people annoying in general? ermm. Maybe just the ones who do the things I've listed. xD

So, what are YOUR pet peeves?

(fix'd my signature. *wink*)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

fonts and fats.

So now that it is Christmas break and I am stuck here at home, I am dreading the inevitable packing on of pounds. eeps. I really need to try and get in shape in time for school again. Why? Well,

  • I want to wear clothes that aren't always too loose that make me look bigger that I actually am or too tight that my rolls of tummy fat are showing. :|
  • I want to know that I have the willpower for this sort of thing.
  • I want to feel a bit better about myself.
  • I am tired of dragging all this extra weight around.
So there. Unfortunately, I really have to step it up since I am holed up at home and can't really do much exercise. I also have to focus on not eating those cookies in the kitchen. Darnit. Why do things that are bad for you taste oh-so-good? *nom nom nom.*

On the plus side though (no pun intended), I have a lot of time to surf the web for hidden gems. Like this website I stumbled upon yesterday-
It let me create a font out of my own handwriting! :D So yeah, that was pretty cool. You just have to print out a template, fill it out, scan the finished thing, upload it, and ta-da! you have your very own font. It took me only about 10 minutes or so. And. . .it's FREE! no hidden fees or anything. You guys should check it out and personalize your papers. Haha.

signing out,

(yes, that is my real handwriting and I know it sucks. haha. i may also make it a personal signature after every post. hmm.) 

Monday, December 13, 2010

i has drawing skillz?

oh and if you're still not convinced how happy I am that I finally have a follower, I drew a picture of you! HAHA! In paint. With a mouse. Also, your shirt inexplicably looks like Ben Ten's. Sorry! :))

Indian action movies are awesome!

Since i got my very first follower today (who also happens to be a good friend of mine), I am going to make a new post. yey! :D

So I was aimlessly wandering around Youtube earlier when I came across this video:

I never knew India was so good at making action films. I always thought they were all about the dances and the music. Here, we see a sample of India's awesomeness.

Tires squeal and people run for their lives as thugs terrorize them. But, wait! Suddenly, the thug who is chasing the villagers suddenly fly through the air into a car's windshield and out the back. IMPRESSIVE!

Afterwards, we immediately see the sole of a cheap shoe, (which probably had something to do with what happened) and as upbeat music plays, the shoe carefully moves out of the way to reveal our hero.

He is fat, old, wearing my mom's shades and has a porn 'stache. That's badass right there.

To prove this point further, he starts forming freakin' tornadoes with his foot like he's Superman or some shizz.

He then flips a bubble gum into his mouth and the camera alternates between him chewing the gum while walking and crotch shots taken from below. (This takes a suspiciously long time)

Then, this is where it gets good. He starts kicking and punching people so awesomely that they do awesome gymnastic flips in the air. He even hits three guys so hard, they defy gravity. They float helplessly away as our beloved hero starts kicking everyone else's ass. I mean, he's so awesome, he doesn't even need to touch them.

So, is he the greatest or is he the greatest? ;) Plus, he totally rocks that denim jacket!