Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old Ladies and Corn Dogs

Hello everyone! My net connection is up and running which is bittersweet news, considering I can once again comment and visit your blogs and make my own posts, although simultaneously get the life (what life? I have no life outside of the internet. Who am I kidding? Haha. Okay enough talking to myself) sucked out of me all day every day once more.

"Hmm. Needs even MORE internet."

Anyway, I've got a bit of news for all of you. I'm one of those people with a "Try everything once, twice if you liked it" attitude and one of the things near the top of my own list of things to try is... a corn dog. Seriously. From the first moment I've heard about it or seen it or something (I can't really remember), I was instantly drawn to it. Just what is a corn dog, exactly? Is it like a hot dog or is it like corn on the cob wrapped in...whatever that brown covering is? What does it taste like? Who invented it? How did it come to be? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS, CORN DOG!

Now, there's this food stall at our local mall that sells corn dogs and I pass by it almost everyday dreaming of the day when I will finally be able to taste the elusive corn dog. Well, I am proud to announce that a few days ago, I finally managed to try one. A couple of friends and I were ready to go home after a relatively early dinner when we spotted the corn dog stall. One of the customers standing by the stall was an elderly woman eating a corn dog. She looked to be genuinely enjoying herself, slowly munching away at her food, seemingly oblivious to everyone around her. Pure bliss reflected in her eyes. 

"This corn pleases me."

I wasn't about to be outdone by an old lady, darn it! So I tried it. I tried the corn dog with cheese (because everything is better with cheese) and..well, it tasted okay. No fireworks went off in my mouth and it did not play out to be the whimsically fantastic thing that I dreamed it would be. I did manage to finish it, though and perhaps I will try a couple more in the future. This is for everyone else who hasn't tried a corn dog yet. Or is it just me? Ha! Anyway, next on my list are tater tots and candy corn. Why does it not surprise me that almost everything I need to try is food?

Another thing that I keep forgetting, I got on the Google+ bandwagon a while back and if any of you guys have profiles on there, you can add me to your circles. I am here. Alternatively, if you need invites, I could send you one, all you need to do is ask.

'Google plus vs Facebook' post, anyone?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

News Time!

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We moved to a new house! WOOHOO!

Words cannot express how happy we (myself and that kid up there) are. However, since most of our stuff is still on the floor or packed up in boxes, and I have to juggle schoolwork on top of helping to fix up the house, and there is no stable internet connection, I won't really be able to comment and post as much for a while. I'm sure you guys will understand, won't you? Business will resume as usual when I finally get that net connection up and running. Wait for me til then!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Elevator Incident

So there are a lot of Korean families living in our condo, and I must admit, a lot of them are pretty good looking. Now, there's this particular Korean guy that I think is really cute. However, he's always surrounded by his friends. Oh, and he also carries his guitar around all the time for some reason. Seriously. Of all the instances I've happened to catch a glimpse of him, he's carrying his guitar in a guitar case slung around his back- in the street near the condo, in the condo lobby, in the elevator, etc. etc. I could seriously deduce that this guy probably sleeps, poops and takes a bath with his guitar.

"Myyyyy preeecciiooouuusss"

Yesterday, however, as I left for uni and boarded the elevator, it stopped at some floor I can't even remember. You'll understand why since the person that went into the elevator with me..was that Korean guy sans friends. Still carrying his guitar unfortunately. But still, it was him. OH MY  GOSH IT WAS HIM! I swear, I think I even caught him smile at me as he entered and pushed the "close elevator door" button. At this point he had his back to me and was occupying the front half of the elevator while I occupied the back half.

"I should totally make my move"

I tried acting rather aloof and uncaring, so my little crush on him wouldn't be obvious. I leaned on the back elevator wall and slumped down a bit, but as I did so, my backpack produced this weird scraping/crunching sound, which was probably a combination of the stuff in my backup getting crunched together and the scrape of the metal zipper against the metal wall. Quite frankly, it sounded like I just let a huge fart rip. 

"Oops. Time to disappear."

Everything was silent for a few seconds. I thought he hadn't noticed. Perhaps he had some sort of hearing problem? Also, I didn't have to worry about him smelling it since I didn't even fart for real in the first place. I was about to breathe out a sigh of relief when he slowly, deliberately turned around and flashed me this face:

"What the heck is wrong with you, woman?"

At that instant, the elevator doors opened and he hurriedly scurried out, subtly fanning the air around him, presumably holding his breath all the way till he reached the lobby doors and stepped outside. Guess this ruins my chances with him? 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cameron Spam!

So first of all, I'm not really a fan of Glee (or a gleek), but I don't hate it either. I watch it only when it comes on, whenever I happen to chance upon it. I admit I am quite entertained by it, though. Understandably, I only have an on-the-surface-type knowledge of everything that's going on in the show. So, I was a bit surprised to discover a new reality show on TV one day that seemed to revolve around auditions for Glee and it was called The Glee Project. Here are (well for some, were) the contestants:

But wait, who is that super cute red-haired guy to the far right with his thumbs in his pockets? Well, after watching every episode of The Glee Project since catching it on TV that one time, I've come to know his name: Cameron Mitchell, a 21 year old Texas-born, self-proclaimed nerd. I was hooked. Every episode, I hoped he wouldn't get eliminated, and he never did. I was sure he was going to win. I even wondered if I might watch Glee diligently in the near future if he does win. (Cameron picture spam commencing...)

*squeals* He has red hair!

*squeees* He can sing!

*gyaaaa* He can play the guitar!

*gdagjrajrab* He is sooo cute!

Ehem. Anyway, about two days or so ago, I tuned into another episode of The Glee Project and everything was going great until...the director asked Cameron to kiss one of his co-contestants. He refused, causing him to be placed in the bottom three. The three of them were offered last chance performances and this was Cameron's, The Beatles' Blackbird: 

After his performance, he was confronted once again about the kissing thing and what he would do if it would be required of him for the show. Cameron was silent for a while, before announcing that he would still stand firm by his beliefs and that maybe this wasn't for him right now. Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy came by his room afterwards and even asked him to stay but Cameron seemed sure of his decision, even if he wasn't supposed to be the one eliminated at that point. 

Cameron is a Christian and he has a girlfriend (unfortunately for me and a bazillion other people who are probably fawning over him, too), which therefore explains why he wasn't too comfortable about all the sexuality-themed stuff during that episode. I was shocked, to say the least. I just stood there in front of the television, mouth wide open starting from Cameron's announcement of his quitting, through the commercial break and until the show finally resumed, showing Cameron saying his good-byes and leaving.

However, I'm glad he decided to stick by his beliefs. That was really brave and mature of him. Sigh, this makes me like him even more. Ah well, now that he's gone, I should move on to my next hopeful, the smoking hot guy with the dreads. What was his name, again?

Oh yes, Samuel Larsen.


*Cue Awards Music*

This will be quite late but I received an award from cricketfreak over at BhadrAwr a while back. I was so touched that she decided to give me an award, so this is very yay-worthy! Also, will you check out what she has written about me in this post:

This award goes to-
She is an amazing writer, and she has AMAZING drawing skills!
And she was one of the first to follow me, so :)
And some blogs-you can feel the niceness creeping out, no? Her blog is like that. In short, she makes me smile:)

Oh stop it, cricketfreak. You're making me blush. Teehee. I am truly glad that my blog brings a smile to your face. This is good news since I try very hard to do so.
Oh, also, I got another award from iZaynab of iLowlife. She awarded me in this post and this is what she had to say about me:

Ishy <3 Her blog is just so funny and cute. iReally just love it.
Her life is too cool for words really. Its a must see as in you have to see it to understand the epic-ness of her freaking beautiful blog ~

Aww. why are you guys so nice to me? It's almost unreal. But seriously, though. Thank you so much to both of you. You made me feel all happy and giddy. As for the rules, can I not do the seven facts about me shizz? I've grown tired of that. I've already jotted down a dozen facts about me before, so yeah. But I will award these to two other bloggers whom I believe deserve them. Rules are that you just have to accept the award and..well yeah, that's it. Enjoy!

The "Your Blog Makes Me Smile Award" is awarded to: Delilah at Aubergine. She is an amazing blogger and an amazing person as well, and although I haven't been following her for long, her blog always seems to bring a smile to my face. You deserve this!

The "XXtraordinary Blogger Award" is passed on to: Jessica at Lemons Don't Make Lemonade. Honestly, I didn't think the content of her blog was what I would find when I visited. Her posts are quite frankly, not for the faint of heart, but they're extremely hilarious nonetheless. You truly are quite an extraordinary blogger!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

But I Need My Umbrella. :(

My net’s been shot the past couple of days and I’ve nearly lost my mind. You are now aware of the fact that my sanity rests on whether or not I get to stare mindlessly at a computer screen for hours on end. But hey, I enjoy refreshing my Facebook page and poking random people I’ve only met once or twice in my life for no reason at all and surfing the interwebs, for what, I shall not tell. *cue evil laugh here* Also yes, dear reader, it does appear that I have no life because it is the truth.

Anyway, it’s time for another random stuff of life that I hate: PEOPLE WHO STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S FOOKING UMBRELLAS. *Elbows the ribs of the person who stole my umbrella* Yes, I’m dedicating this post to you, you thief! My umbrella was brand new, with a dark blue shade, rather plain yet mature-looking. The kind of umbrellas you would find people holding in those movies with those aerial shots while it was raining.
Not exactly what I had in mind, but meh. Close enough.

I was happy. My umbrella and I were happy together. It’s been raining almost everyday the past few weeks and I found my new umbrella nearly indispensable, so for it to be suddenly snatched away from me without any warning as it chilled on our college’s umbrella rack was heartbreaking, to say the least. Why me? Why my umbrella? Why, I ask. WHY?

Because of you, you umbrella thief, I now have to revert back to my old umbrella, the one that made me decide I needed a new one in the first place. Just in case anyone was wondering, it is bright pink, has a short handle and is covered with prints of flowers and hearts and Hello Kitty heads (clearly meant for some random girly toddler). I admit I look rather stupid and childish prancing around in the rain with my Hello Kitty umbrella while wearing my grown-up looking white uniform. I swear, if life had background music, one of Barney’s songs would be playing around me as I walked to the college. Most probably the “If all the raindrops were candy drops and gumdrops, Oh what a rain that would be” one.

Even this kid has a better looking umbrella than me.

Ah well, I just hope that the person who stole my umbrella will find it all worth his/her efforts and my suffering. But let it be known that ever since my umbrella got stolen about three days ago, I still diligently check the umbrella rack in case my umbrella is ever returned. I still have a tiny grain of hope that it will be returned, but with each passing day, I find that hope slowly shrinking. 


In other news, I will continue re-watching Zodiac starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo tonight and I will also probably squeeze some study time in between. The story of the real Zodiac Killer, who actually went around killing people in parts of Northern California at some point is already pretty interesting, with the killer taunting police, news people and the public by making phone calls to them, writing letters and sending cryptograms. His case is still open in some parts where he killed people to this day. 

Stay dry,