my bucket list

Things I need to accomplish before I kick the bucket:

red-attempted but failed.
yellow-working on it.

  1. Start a blog. (you're looking at it!)
  2. Go bungee jumping and/or sky diving.
  3. Visit 5 more countries, including France and Italy.
  4. Learn to play the drums and/or the violin.
  5. See the Northern Lights.
  6. Meet someone really famous.
  7. Graduate from college. (class of 2013, yo!)
  8. Learn another language. (preferably French)
  9. Learn sign language
  10. Finish the novel I've been working on.
  11. Have my novel published.
  12. Sing a song in public. (sang a weird made-up song in class)
  13. Dye my hair. (preferably a crazy color like blue or purple, but a dark shade of brown is okay, too)
  14. Cook a special meal for my family or someone special. *wink* (cooked for my boyfriend)
  15. See snow and get to make a snowman.
  16. Ride first class on an airplane.
  17. Live in a foreign country. (lived in Saudi Arabia for 15 years)
  18. Achieve my ideal weight.
  19. Discover my superpowers.
  20. Stay up for at least 2 days straight. (my busy college life demands this)
  21. Decorate my room the way I like it.
  22. Ride a camel. (experienced this in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
  23. Ride in a helicopter.
  24. Visit any Disney Land. (visited HK Disneyland!)
  25. Try being a vegetarian for at least a month.
  26. Audition as an extra in a film. (didn't audition, but I was in the background, so? Hahaha)
  27. Eat Fugu/puffer fish.
  28. Learn to surf and/or skateboard.
  29. Ride a roller coaster for 10 consecutive times. (nearly threw up afterwards but it was worth it)
  30. Go snorkeling. (did this while island-hopping in the Philippines)
  31. Learn how to drive and get my driver's license.
  32. Jump rope 500 times in one go.
  33. Fall in love. (Who'd a thunk it?)
  34. Go on a hiking trip. (it was tiring yet amazing)
  35. Learn to ice skate and roller blade. (learned how to do so when I was a little kid)
  36. Learn how to ride a two-wheeler. (You may laugh at my inability to ride a bike without training wheels)
  37. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  38. Go on a caving expedition. (hello Husgado)
  39. Win NaNoWriMo. (accomplished November 29, 2011)
  40. Win a lucky draw.
I will add more whenever I think of something else I'd want to do.