Monday, November 29, 2010

on scary movies.

so..uhmm..whenever you find yourself being chased around by some crazy zombie ghost woman or something..
don't use an elevator!

chances are, it'll suddenly shut down, all the lights will go off and you can't open it again no matter how hard you try, and no matter how hard you scream or bang on the doors, no one will hear you..THEN (as if that wasn't bad enough) she'll appear in there behind you and as you slowly turn around, she'll reach out, make some random loud noise like RAAAARRHH! intended to make you pee your pants, then close in on your face as slowly as possible as you cower in terror and then make you go crazy with fright..then you'll probably die..which is better than surviving that and having to face that thing over and over again until it finally gets tired of scaring you and finishes you off in the end. :)

haha. i just watched a few "scary" movies, and they didn't really scare me or whatever (i'm just kidding, the whole time, my heart was like going a million miles per hour and my bowl of chips didn't last 30 minutes..i spilled it all on the floor when the ghost from the movie appeared in the shadows to scare the main character. haha.)
aa-nyyy-waaayy, i'm just doing this blog post to forget the movies for a while..haha..and i made the mistake of watching all those movies alone.'s just that i'm so lame that no-one will watch a single movie with me..hahaha. XD kidding. but it gets predictable after a at some parts i get to know when there'll be a pants-pissing moment so i turn the volume down really low at those parts. haha. XD

oh and in case you were wondering, the movies I watched were:
- Coming Soon (2008 Thai horror film)
- Eden Lake (about a lovely vacation gone wrong. horribly, horribly wrong)
- Dead Silence (about ventriloquist dummies, which we all know, are super creepy)
- Rattle Rattle (Japanese short horror film, about 30 minutes long. every second is pure horror, though)

oh, and here's a scary thought to leave you guys with. ;)

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