Monday, December 13, 2010

Indian action movies are awesome!

Since i got my very first follower today (who also happens to be a good friend of mine), I am going to make a new post. yey! :D

So I was aimlessly wandering around Youtube earlier when I came across this video:

I never knew India was so good at making action films. I always thought they were all about the dances and the music. Here, we see a sample of India's awesomeness.

Tires squeal and people run for their lives as thugs terrorize them. But, wait! Suddenly, the thug who is chasing the villagers suddenly fly through the air into a car's windshield and out the back. IMPRESSIVE!

Afterwards, we immediately see the sole of a cheap shoe, (which probably had something to do with what happened) and as upbeat music plays, the shoe carefully moves out of the way to reveal our hero.

He is fat, old, wearing my mom's shades and has a porn 'stache. That's badass right there.

To prove this point further, he starts forming freakin' tornadoes with his foot like he's Superman or some shizz.

He then flips a bubble gum into his mouth and the camera alternates between him chewing the gum while walking and crotch shots taken from below. (This takes a suspiciously long time)

Then, this is where it gets good. He starts kicking and punching people so awesomely that they do awesome gymnastic flips in the air. He even hits three guys so hard, they defy gravity. They float helplessly away as our beloved hero starts kicking everyone else's ass. I mean, he's so awesome, he doesn't even need to touch them.

So, is he the greatest or is he the greatest? ;) Plus, he totally rocks that denim jacket!
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