Monday, December 19, 2011

College Christmas Party Post

So I mentioned that I cut my hair, but I offered no picture to substantiate my claim. To remedy this, here, a photo of me in the first few days with my now short hair:

Oh yay!

Anyway, the past few weeks have been hectic (yet super fun) at the university where I study since holiday celebrations have been going on before the anticipated winter break. One of these celebrations is our college christmas party, wherein everyone had to don cartoon character (or cartoon character themed) costumes. It was a lot of fun and everyone definitely came in their best get-ups. I was a bit disappointed though that only one very awesome person recognized who I dressed up as. Everyone else just went up to me and asked me who I was. When I answered, they still had that puzzled look on their faces and then a follow-up "who?" question. I was rather shocked to say the least, considering I thought the character I chose to dress up as was pretty well-known. (Hope any of you guys recognize me!) Oh well, the only upside to this was that no-one came dressed as the same character.

Yep, I went as Quailman (from Doug)! Unfortunately sans quaildog and underwear outside my shorts.

Here are more pictures from the event that I've grabbed from a friend's album with all the faces hidden for confidentiality purposes (and for an added creepy effect).

Cartoon mash-ups!

A pretty sweet Iron Man costume

One of my favorite costumes of the evening: Your favorite cartoon character in disguise!

Naturally, there were a lot more people in attendance, like the minions from Despicable Me, Johnny Bravo, Numbah 2 from The Kids Next Door, Sims characters, Mr. Bean, Minnie Mouse, Pocahontas, various anime characters I do not know, etc. etc.

All in all, it was a fun party. I actually enjoyed myself, and seems like everyone else did, too. Props to everyone who made an effort to make their costumes extra awesome. So have any of you guys (my lovely followers and readers) been to any costume parties lately? 

Up, up and away,


  1. I would recognise you, sure, but that's sunken waay too far into childhood memories to be able to remember the good details. ):

  2. you look adorable! and loving the new haircut! not sure if you get this a lot but your hair kind of reminds me of daria :P

  3. that looks fun! I love your costume...and the mashup you did is really funny..hehe..brings me way back to my childhood time..spending so much time on TV..

  4. I missed you.. I have to be honest, I surely be one of those people who will who you were. haha.. but you look sooo cute.. I love it. Happy Holiday sweet girl!


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