Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Entry Number 2

It's a nice rainy Saturday over where I am, and this has not been very helpful in motivating me to study for finals week. I just want to curl up in my cold bed, wrap myself in blankets and either watch a good movie and drink a cup of hot chocolate, or lie daydreaming while lazy instrumentals play in the background.

Or you know, just sleep and proceed to snore really loudly.

And I can't really do all that, because of aforementioned finals week. Meaning, I have an exam every day and no time in between to actually study for each one. But finals week also signals something else...SUMMER! Sweet glorious summer! Freedom and wonder and joy and awesomeness and...I-I'm tearing up just thinking about it. They're tears of HAPPY EXPECTANCY, mind you! Pictured here:

Also pictured: Possible symptom of psychosis.

Cool segue! So apparently there's a 'Hunger Games' film out, and in fact, most of the people I know have been talking about it. On Facebook (and you know it's big when it's on Facebook), and in real life (not that I would know. I don't really have a 'real life' anymore, and..gosh, that's sad). The earliest I've heard about this 'Hunger Games' thing (which frankly to me sounds like one of those competitive eating contest titles) was last year, when some of my blockmates have been passing around copies of the books, borrowing them one after the other. But even now, I still don't know what it's all about.

I do know it could be about this, though.

But anyway, I could probably get around to knowing more about it come summer, which starts in a little over a week from now. However, would anyone care to give me a quick summary? Or is this one of those things that you have to find out for yourself? Like what it feels like to pee standing up and you're a girl (vice versa if you're a guy). Aaaannd moving on, I have a ton of things I want to do for summer and I want it to be one of the most best summers ever, because it's right before I start clinical internship, which is just as scary as it sounds. Plus, I would also like to actually catch up with you guys and your blogs. I MISS ALL OF YOU! :( 

So virtual hugs and a sad "wait for me!" for all of you. Finally, check out what one of my friends did for this blog (willingly, and in no way at all influenced by my not-so-anonymous request on her own blog):

Ain't it precious? I may use it as my blog's official blog button, if it's alright with the totally-willing-and-not-at-all-forced-to-do-so-against-her-will creator! So yeah. That is all. You may go on with your lives.

Will the ads be always in your fervor, (or whatever that Hunger Games phrase is. Don't kill me, fans!)


  1. I got lots of exams coming up, too. And after that, finals. Boy oh boy.

  2. Lucky! You're already close to summer vacation? :O

    Lol don't worry; I haven't read The Hunger Games either and I don't really plan to do so.

  3. Best wishes !!

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