Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old Ladies and Corn Dogs

Hello everyone! My net connection is up and running which is bittersweet news, considering I can once again comment and visit your blogs and make my own posts, although simultaneously get the life (what life? I have no life outside of the internet. Who am I kidding? Haha. Okay enough talking to myself) sucked out of me all day every day once more.

"Hmm. Needs even MORE internet."

Anyway, I've got a bit of news for all of you. I'm one of those people with a "Try everything once, twice if you liked it" attitude and one of the things near the top of my own list of things to try is... a corn dog. Seriously. From the first moment I've heard about it or seen it or something (I can't really remember), I was instantly drawn to it. Just what is a corn dog, exactly? Is it like a hot dog or is it like corn on the cob wrapped in...whatever that brown covering is? What does it taste like? Who invented it? How did it come to be? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS, CORN DOG!

Now, there's this food stall at our local mall that sells corn dogs and I pass by it almost everyday dreaming of the day when I will finally be able to taste the elusive corn dog. Well, I am proud to announce that a few days ago, I finally managed to try one. A couple of friends and I were ready to go home after a relatively early dinner when we spotted the corn dog stall. One of the customers standing by the stall was an elderly woman eating a corn dog. She looked to be genuinely enjoying herself, slowly munching away at her food, seemingly oblivious to everyone around her. Pure bliss reflected in her eyes. 

"This corn pleases me."

I wasn't about to be outdone by an old lady, darn it! So I tried it. I tried the corn dog with cheese (because everything is better with cheese) and..well, it tasted okay. No fireworks went off in my mouth and it did not play out to be the whimsically fantastic thing that I dreamed it would be. I did manage to finish it, though and perhaps I will try a couple more in the future. This is for everyone else who hasn't tried a corn dog yet. Or is it just me? Ha! Anyway, next on my list are tater tots and candy corn. Why does it not surprise me that almost everything I need to try is food?

Another thing that I keep forgetting, I got on the Google+ bandwagon a while back and if any of you guys have profiles on there, you can add me to your circles. I am here. Alternatively, if you need invites, I could send you one, all you need to do is ask.

'Google plus vs Facebook' post, anyone?



  1. I saw a facebook status message once going "google plus is so much better!"

  2. @Cricketfreak - That's ironic O.o

  3. oh my goodnessssss CORN DOG.
    i've never tried a corn dog. i want to have a corn dog.
    that picture of the old lady made me laugh out loud.

  4. I never had one =(

    The picture ,ROFL.

  5. Never heard of those corny dogs, to be honest.
    Also, yes, I'd like such a post. hater of Facebook, hater of Google (though I need to keep them as friends, seeing as how they can crush anyone if they need need), I'd like to see how this plays out.

  6. Haha, I myself hadn't tried a corn dog until maybe two years back or so.
    I always thought they looked kinda scary and as far as the whole, "You are what you eat" thing is concerned, not something I wanted to consume.

    But, like you said, once I tried it it wasn't so bad, but nothing spectacular either.
    If anything, it would be much better if the sausage within didn't burn my mouth each and every time I took a bite.

    Tater tots, however, are my preferred form of potato. Well, right behind baked potato wedges and dirty mashed potatoes!

  7. LMFAO! I laughed SO LOUDLY while reading this post. I nearly peed myself with the picture of the woman and her very special corndog. XD
    I've never been on google plus O.O

  8. I've never had a corn dog before either - ah well. Thanks for following! :)

  9. I've tried corn dog once. It's not bad but it's not something I will crave for.

    I don't really enjoy networking sites I rarely update my facebook and I just jump into twitter bandwagon but I established my account last year. I just love blogging and since many of my blogger friends are in Google+, I seem to enjoy it than other social networking sites. I'm glad you're there now. I will add you now. As in now. bye!!!

  10. Google plus is way better
    And why dont you check out my blog as well

  11. God corn dogs are amazing ~ ! !
    They really are like my favorite food.
    * Cries in a corner *
    iFinally gt accepted into Google+ and they said iWasn't older enough ~


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