Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Guest Post

Quick notice to let you guys know I guest posted for Mayen over at clicks and cuts. Check it out here!

It went pretty well for my first guest post so I'm very happy about that. Thankyou, Mayen! I might do a couple more in the future if my more-busy-than-I'd-like schedule would allow it, and also if there would be other bloggers willing to have me guest post. *wink wink*
Also, a big shout out to my new followers! Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy your stay. I'll be sure to check out your blogs soon, so watch out for that. Also, right now I have exactly 101 followers, and that's pretty awesome. I love you all, both old followers and new ones, all one hundred and one of you. So, please no one un-follow me and make me look bad (please?). Teehee.

And since this post seems rather bare, here's a VERY awesome set of wedding photos. It's not your ordinary set of wedding photos, though. But they're really cute!



  1. If you have something really interesting to say, then sure, be my guest (quite literally, this time)! Contact me~

  2. Hi there :)

    Ok..those wedding photos are hillarious..Zombie? haha..

    I love your blog..always make me smile..and I'm the 99th followers..aww..sweet!

    I would love to have you as guest post at my new blog. :D

  3. You have 104 followers now!

  4. you are so welcome my dear. It's an honor to have you on my blog. Congrats to now 106 followers. You deserve it.

    those wedding pictures are hilarious but I won't copy that when it's time for I and Jed to have our prenuptial photo shoot. No way! haha..


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