Monday, September 5, 2011

I Make Crappy Watercolor Paintings, Too!

Good morning everyone! Or night. You know, depending on where you are, basically or what time you actually read this. You know what, let's start over. Good day, everyone! So this morning I was in the shower and as I reached for my shampoo bottle...

"This strand of hair belonged to my last vic- er..I mean, this's so straight.

Yeah. that was pretty freaky. Needless to say, my shampoo bottle is now forever positioned in a such a way that Yuko Yamashita is not facing me anymore, watching as I shower, holding out a piece of hair in front of her. *shudders*

In other news, in my quest to fix up my room and decorate it in the most rainbow-y way possible, I decided to personalize it a bit more by actually painting some of the stuff that will eventually get tacked onto the walls. Therefore, this afternoon, I dug up my old watercolor paints (which I used in elementary and are still magically usable which makes me think some watercolor fairy replenishes them or something) and started painting away. I didn't really have anything too concrete in mind. All I knew was that I wanted a blue-purple color scheme and some butterflies on there because ZOMGBUTTERFLIESARECUTE. This is what I came up with:

"Yay butterflies!"


Although I have this nagging feeling that it's missing a little something, I'm planning to frame this relatively crappy spontaneously whipped up butterfly painting onto the wall above my bed and start working on two other paintings with the color schemes red-orange and yellow-green.  So stay tuned for more artsy-fartsy projects in the future. Although since I have a tendency to not finish what I start, don't really hope too much. 



  1. The creepy :C

    Yay, butterflies! You're pretty good at this!

  2. Those are so pretty! :D
    AND ROOOFLLLLL! I laughed out loud at the zoom ins of the shampoo bottle LMFAO. OMG OMG.

  3. lol at the shampoo bottle. you should switch to pantene. ;P your butterfly picture is so awesome! i always get a brown puddle when i'm trying to paint a picture with watercolors.

  4. my God isha. I died of laughter on that last shampoo picture. Yuko Yamashita will sue you for making her look like a pig. haha..

    aww, cute butterfly. a little scary, yes, but cute. :)

  5. eww her face!!!!!
    butterflies are awesome :D

  6. haha. that picture series reminded me of parody {horror} films. hilarious. im sure you'll decorate your room pretty well. have fun doing so.

  7. my god! the shampoo bottle lady creepy! lol at ur imagination for zooming her!

    pretty pretty butterflies!! =*

    p.s. ur CUTE!!

  8. haha! hilarious! i love your blog - i'm following it now :)

    - <3

  9. LOLed at Yoko. hahaha!! She kinda looks like the girl on THE RING.. the one who came out of the TV. lols..

    Yay!! Butterflies.. Those are cute, isha.. You got talent. :D

  10. wah, creepy lady... i'd turn her away too... (so funny the way you posted it though!! ^^)
    By the way, that picture is really pretty, post a picture of how your room looks once finished! I'm sure it'll turn out so so nicely! :)

  11. * Dies * x )
    Oh iKnow what you mean by creepy pictures staring at you, but that takes the entire cake.
    & FRAME IT ~ ! ! You could even sell it to me.


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