Saturday, September 17, 2011

I See Weird Things

\Well. I do think this is the longest break from blogging I've ever had. A lot of schoolwork-related stuff happened and to top it all off, I got sick. Runny nose, coughing, a headache and a fever-the works. Actually, I still feel kinda crappy now. You know the worst part about being sick is the fact you can't even savor the flavors of your food. You can take everything away from me, just not my ability to taste my food, darn it!

Also, with a pretty high fever, you start to imagine things. You aren't thinking straight. You begin to see things in the corner of your eyes. Naturally, this hasn't really helped my sanity much. 

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Not that there was much of it to begin with.

Now I have to go back to my projects, one of which involves making a complete children's storybook. I've already got the main characters down and I have about 6 pages done minus illustrations. Basically I'm just crapping out ideas for each page. Ha! This should be good. 



  1. Funny and entertaining blog. Love the cartoons :-)

  2. Wizardry? Neh, that's the original Tasteless Food Meat (tm).

  3. LMAO WIZADRYYY! I seriously laughed SO LOUDLY at that XD
    And OMG the GIF is BAWWSS.
    :O You're making a children's storybook?! :O Cool!

  4. Hahahahahaha,
    the doodles are so funny and GOOD!

  5. you take you drawing to the next level huh? now it's animated. it's so cute... this is a really funny post.I hope you'll feel completely better soon. I also don't want no being able to taste my food. That's crappy.

    Good luck on your papers. I hope you share that story book to us. I'm sure it's great and funny. :)

  6. i totally love your doodles. i haven't been on Blogger for ages too, i was missing your blog terribly!
    i can totally relate to the tasteless food thing. i hope you feel much better now. *biiig hug*
    CHILDREN'S STORYBOOK?! how awesome is that? i can't wait to see what you come up with. best of luck for thattt ♥
    love you lots.

  7. haha very funny! i hate being sick :P

    - <3

  8. Haha. Good luck with your project, Isha! Get well soon.

    When I'm sick I usually get the same dream. When you're sick, yeah you tend to sleep a lot, right? Well when I'm sick and I fall asleep, I get the same dream that I did the last time I got sick. The same thing. (I'm not gonna tell what it is but it's kinda weird and a bit creepy when I think of it.)

    Good luck, again!!! Nice drawings! =]

  9. : " ( School is evil. They just keep tossing tons of stupid work at us both.
    & iJust got sick. But iDon't have a fever.
    So the I'm not at the see-ing things point. . Yet.
    iHope you get better ~

  10. aha those drawings are sooo cute! i get the same thing too! when my mum books something delicious i get so sad because i cant taste it...sometimes i blow my nose before i eat it so i can taste at least a little bit of it x) (that kinda sounds gross)



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