Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freedom! (For Three Weeks)

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Yes, I'm finally free from stressful college life. Well, at least for a few weeks, before I return and get all stressed again. But we all have to live in the here and now, don't we? It's time to party, is what I'm saying. (Which actually means it's time to sleep for 12 hours and hunch over the computer for the other half of the day). This is the good life. Well, at least I'm going to have more time to visit your blogs, and I love doing that. How have your days been going, you guys?

Keep on partyin',


  1. hahahahhahaah love the celebratory picture :P
    enjoy your break!!!!!

  2. you go girl. enjoy your week of bliss. :)

  3. Use your time well! Remember: time once gone never comes back!

  4. I've only got two days of break left. :C
    Well, enjoy them, you should!

  5. Whaaat?!
    Granted, I haven't watched The Simpsons in forever, but I don't recall Lisa ever getting down with some pelvic thrusts before!

    Ahh, college. So stressful... how can anyone blame a kid for spending their free time sleeping, eating & on the internets?
    Enjoy it while you can, Isha!

  6. The picture makes me feel as though I myself have gone on a break. It makes me want to celebrate. Enjoy your ME time.. :-)

  7. enjoy your break and have an awesome time =)


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