Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Is A Pathetic Attempt At A Blog Post

Depressing thought for today: You are making a peanut butter sandwich and as you finish coating one of the bread slices, it falls peanut butter side down. Sad face.

Well, that was random and utterly horrible. It also made me hungry. Sooo, update I'm sure no-one is super enthusiastic to hear about pertaining to my storybook: I've presented my book in front of almost 50 judging eyes and ears in class last week and I think it went well. Hope that feeling actually reflects in my grade sheet. I'm crossing my fingers right now.

Final cover page, dood. I tweaked it a bit.

In other news, I'm seriously starting to stress out over the burden of having to find time to finish everything I need to do before this semester ends. Yet here I am procrastinating on the internet. Yay me? I'm probably going to be a tad MIA again in the coming weeks, depends if I actually find the time and energy to blog. Don't miss me too much, okay? Aha, how egoistic of me. But I am feeling rather down in the dumps and that always gives people a right to be huge meanies, right? Like when girls are on their period and everything they do is automatically due to their crying uterus. I'm seriously convinced girls can get away with pushing someone off a cliff and blaming it on their period. Totally legit. So now I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite pages from my story book: 

"I'm sorry but I am the King of Candy and I have a sparkly lopsided lollipop scepter. Your argument is invalid."



  1. Aww serious kudos for creating a book! It looks awesome! And yes, girls can get away with murder when time of the month strikes lol!

  2. Relax, everything will be fine~

  3. PFAHA your argument is invalid. :) I love that, and pfahaha crying uterus! :) You're hilarious! I love your blog~ I'll miss you!

  4. LOL! That is so cool! :D It looks really good :)

  5. I understand going MIA is necessary. I was MIA for a while too! Good luck with whatever's keeping you busy, Isha.

    LOL @ the peanut butter sandwich. That is pretty tragic. That's why I like eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Although PB sandwiches are awesome too. Especially PB&J.

    Your drawings are really cute. Really cute. =]

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  7. I'm with furree, I want to read the book as well. I miss this blog and the smile i get whenever I read one of your post.

    I totally agree with the period thing or even before that, the old and battered PMS. I'm also a bit down at the moment and I'm blaming PMS for this. :)

    enjoy your sem-break my dear. :)

  8. gahhh so cute! haha i know what you mean about sounding too friendly but pshh strangers are the best (Y) btw totally decided i was going to follow your blog after seeing your profile before even visiting your blog :D yayyyy


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