Monday, November 21, 2011

Jasper Needs More Lines (And Screen Time)

Well, we won 2nd runner up in the talent show I've mentioned! This is after only two days of practice and props making, so I guess we did pretty good. A bit of a disappointment, though since we were last year's Champion, but meh, you win some, you lose some, I guess. In reality, I am rather bitter since we didn't win this year. Kidding! I think the winners did an awesome job and we did our best, too.
Also, about that 5k marathon I talked about, my friends and I actually finished it. My entire body ached loads for days after, though, but it was fun and I'm still just amazed we all managed to finish, although I don't think any of us got close to the first person's finishing time. Haha.

In other news, a couple of friends and I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 today. I think it was actually pretty okay. I want to see Part 2 already, though. The suspense is pretty intense. I haven't really read any of the books so I don't know if it stayed true to them. I did like the fact that Jacob cut to the chase and took off his shirt 30 seconds into the movie, though.

"Who cares if I rip up every single pair of pants I own, It's my black shirt I care about, so woohoo I am running in the rain half-naked!"

Don't worry, Jacob. I still vote for you and Bella and would have much rather preferred you and her having cute little puppy babies together. One thing I didn't like, though was Jasper having a total of two/three lines (I think) in the movie, most notably his smooth delivery of.. "Possibly". Whyyyyy? I just really want a whole film with Jasper and Alice as the leads. They are too cute!

Alice is so pretty, and Jasper...well, he's stiff as a board, as usual. This time with ugly hair, though, but still pretty cute!

Laughs all around from us as we watched the bed breaking scene and the cesarean birth wherein Edward just goes at it with his teeth and Jacob is all "wtf!" and "keep your heart beating!". Baby Renesmee Carlie, completely ridiculous name aside, looked really creepy, though. Equally creepy was Edward's penchant for appearing out of nowhere suddenly. Kind of like this creepy Watson glitch in this Sherlock Holmes game:

"Elementary, my dear Wa- Hey, where'd you go? I..OH SWEET HEAVENS. How did you get over there, Watson?"

As was Bella spending half of the movie getting Edward to make love to her again after their first encounter which ended in her covered in feathers afterwards since Edward just loves ravaging pillows. And do I need to mention how Jacob's "imprinting" on the newborn baby girl (and I mean fall in love with her right then and there) is really very pedophile-ish? Ah well, the soundtrack in the Breaking Dawn film was pretty amazing, anyway. So, yeah. I just realized how nice and forgiving I was in this "review". Yay?

Catch you guys later,


  1. LOL! i want to see Breaking Dawn now :( in the book, the imprinting part isn't too pedophilic.
    i've always loved jasper. awww.

    p.s. i'm not a twilight obsessed person but i do think it's bearable and kind of interesting in it's own way.

  2. Sherlock Holmes games: like totally a cool thing now.

    Also, congrats on the second place! Really good for the short prepping you had!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOL!!! Actually, the imprinting stuff is good. Because right now since she's a baby, Jacob will just be like a father to her. Then as she ages, he'll be a brother and then someone for her to marry or whatever. LOOL the baby will be a quarter vampire and a half werewolf and a quarter human.
    And the movie did stay true to the book. It was literally page by page. I read the book over ten times (huge Twilight fan) and I was able to predict EVERYTHING that was going to happen. I felt like a genius. :)

  4. I love the movie, although, it would've been better if Jake didn't wear a shirt the entire movie. Just like before. I was desperately hoping for that before I watch it.haha..

    One thing I really like about Twilight Saga movies is that, they don't alter the story from the book, if they do, it's barely noticeable. It feels like you're getting visualization of what you read. Unlike some Harry Potter Films.

  5. oh, congratulations for winning!!

  6. I'm going to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow!
    I remember back when I was going through my twilight-craze stage, I loved Jasper too :P

    But now i'm over twilight because I realised how weird it is, for example, the imprinting thing you mentioned :P

  7. Oh and I just spent like 5 minutes playing with Oreo the panda! :D

  8. I haven't Breaking Dawn yet :( good? :)
    hope to hear from ya soon! how about following each other?
    xx Angel

  9. Damn, Jasper and Alice are the only cool people in there. But Sadly Jasper only gets to talk for a few times :|.

  10. i like jasper's power. but! i so love alice, esp her voice (forgive me, but her existence is the only thing i love about the movies!:D)!

    and i agree...the soundtracks in breaking dawn are amazing! i was accused of sleeping because my eyes were closed during the wedding part...i was so mesmerized by the song :)


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