Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cute Bunnies + Extra Shizz

Ah, Blogger, we meet again!

It's been a bit of a hectic past week and school hasn't even started then. My mother arrived last week by plane to fix things up around the house we've newly acquired. It was also nice to have her around for a while, after we've been separated by time zones, since she and my dad both work abroad. Anyway, she left again to go back earlier today and the first day of classes for this semester began today, too (boo on both counts).

But as for the good news, remember that rather random post I made a while back? If you don't, well, I basically talked about how I wanted to have a bunny and now I do! Two of them (male and female), in fact and those who commented on that random post weren't kidding. They are definitely a lot of hard work and seriously poop like ten times their body weight in a day! What! (Although I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit). But awwww, these guys are seriously too cute to resist and I love them already! On to the pictures (this wasn't easy since they were both very lively and kept jumping around the place or dashing around madly):

This is the lady bunny I've named Cinnabon. She's a sweetie-pie, a bit shy but warms up to you ultimately. She likes sitting on my lap and me petting her little head. However, she seems to perpetually be hungry, despite me feeding them a good amount of pellets and greens. She's always found nomming on carpets, shoelaces, even my shorts. Here she is on a snack break from chewing on the welcome mat outside the main door of the house.

This is Pippin, named after Peregrin Took the hobbit from LOTR. This picture does him no justice at all, since he just looks really pissed off. Normally, he's actually very active and just loves to move all the time. He's small and cheeky and gets into trouble a lot, squeezing himself into small spaces and knocking down stuff. 

Aaaand, a picture to show just how hard it is to get them to stay still for a cute picture. Here they are charging at me, trying to either eat the camera or jump over it. 

All in all, they've both been great furry additions to the household. In other news, I've started lagging behind when it comes to NaNoWriMo, not reaching my quota of 2k words a day anymore. I try and make up for it, but it's hard since the days (and words you have to write) just keep piling up. I hope I can make it to the end.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is to be a hectic day for me since I've joined a run for a cause (EmpoweRun), which aims to raise money for a rehab ward and training center. This is important for me since I'm actually involved in the rehabilitation science field. I don't know exactly how I'll do tomorrow, though since I've done nearly zero training for this 5k marathon. 

Also, after that, my fellow blocmates and I have decided to meet up and practice and make props for our annual college talent show on Thursday. So basically, tomorrow and the whole week to come is going to be really busy. You guys take care!

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  1. They are SO CUTE! OMG OMG OMG! :O
    And yay for talent shows! :D

  2. Isha- It’s great that you get to be with your mom. I bet you missed her so. OMG your bunnies are too cute. I dreamed of having pet bunnies but I they know there are handful and I don’t have the time. Good luck on those two little cuties, on your 5k marathon, writing for NaNoWriMo and all the school stuff. Girl you are busy. 

  3. Yay :) great to hear your mum is back with you! AND OMG CUTENESS OVERLOADDDDDDD. BUNNIESSSSSS. SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!! Pippin is the most adorable name ever :D I'm such a LOTR geek haha. Also I gave you a blog award...possibly a while back haha

  4. Awesome. Although I find those bunnies really cute, I don't think I can stand having pets as of right now. You have really cute pets, Isha.

    And damn you're doing a marathon? That's really cool, but yeah, good luck I hope you don't trip! Hahahaha! And about being busy, I totally get you. You know, I think college wants me dead. I am just always so goddamn busy. But heck I still have the time to read your blog and comment on it. LOL. I actually read everyone's blogs. I just don't comment on everything. XD

    Alright, and good luck with NaNoWriMo! I actually began writing a story this November, but it's not a NaNoWriMo entry 'cause I don't want to put any pressure on myself on it. So yeah, that's all. Good luck with everything.


  5. Aww they are adorable!! You're so lucky :)

  6. Classes and NaNoWriMo.. and EmpoweRun. Wow, ikaw na ang busy.. :D

    Those bunnies are too cute! Nainggit ako.. I want one, too! Lols.


    Guest post, published! Yay! Published it this morning.. but Blogger didn't update it on my dashboard. Kakainis.. nade-delay yung pag update ng new post sa dashboard, also sa bloglists.. Tsk.

  7. i really love those bunnies. they are so cute. BTW, followed yeah after I read your guest post on Leah's blog.

    have a nice day ahead.

  8. OMG. SO. CUTE.
    I want one!

    Oh and good luck for the talent show :)


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