Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Rather Random Post

Hello everyone! How have the past few days been for you guys? Well, I do read most of your blogs so I know what's been happening to some of you, but not all of you, which is understandable since some have either not been updating or don't have blogs (?). Also, sorry but am I rambling?

Anyway, my summer with the family has been going great so far and they've been spoiling me by taking me to most of my favorite restaurants that I don't normally get to eat at with my normally rather limited college student budget so my yearly-but-never-really-put-into-practice-diet is shot once again.

Here's a picture of panda sushi just for the heck of it. (but also since it's really cute)

I probably won't be able to update much this summer but I will still try to every once in a while. However, I will continue to visit your blogs and comment. 

In other news, I've become rather obsessed with owning a bunny. I don't really know why but I've been thinking a lot about becoming responsible for a bunny on top of caring for my Red-eared slider turtle Ross and my 5 goldfishies. Because seriously, how can you resist this:


Of course being responsible (or trying to, at least) I did some research and there were a lot of threads online that discouraged people from getting rabbits. Mostly because they claimed it was really hard work and that rabbits need a lot of attention, etc. etc. Of course, this hasn't really discouraged me but I've sort of accepted the fact that maybe now isn't the right time for me to get a rabbit. Boo-hoo. Oh well.

Before I end this post, here's a commercial that I found quite funny mostly because of the added subtitles. Check it: 

YO! He's about to eat.

Aaaaand I'm out,


  1. Those panda sushi are the CUTEST THING EVER HNNGGGG
    Sushi is delicious <3

  2. those panda sushi are too cute. although I am not a sushi lover. sorry..but the bunny, I love. I considered owning one as well but I was discouraged by many too.

    enjoy your summer dear girl!

  3. i once had two bunnies! one male and female, and one day they became four bunnies. then eight. then they burrowed into the garden, and we never saw them again. TRUE STORY. bunnies are super cute but they poop a lot :O
    Panda sushi = adorable!

  4. LOVE the panda sushi. :D :D
    LOL at the video.Sounds like Korean.

  5. I've never had sushi. o.O
    The commercial made me lol.

  6. bunny <3 <3

    give my lovey to lil mr bunny!!

  7. HAHAHA that is such a funny video. 1980's were rockinggg.

    We used to have a bunny, it was super duper cute, but a lot of work. You had to clean it's Cage very very very often because they just poop so much & they get dirty really quick if you don't. Plus, if you don't play with it, it just stares at you pathetically til your guilt forces you to quit what you were doing to pay attention to it. Bongers eventually died after a very long and happy life. I loved him, but I'm not getting another bunny again.

  8. Hello :)

    You have a really cool blog :)
    i like it very much :)
    im your new follower ;D

    follow me back, maybe?!

    sorry for my bad english but i come from germany "/

  9. @Fang: yay for sushi and panda sushi! :D

    @mayen: i still can't get over how you don't like sushi. haha. oh well. thanks! enjoy yours, too! :D

    @Furree Katt: whaaat. is that serious? if so, awesome! haha.

    @Kuroneko: panda sushi are awesome. and yes, the people in the video are Korean.

    @Jodie-Ann: you should try it sometime. it's an either-you-like-it-or-you-don't thing. :)

    @Crimson Coral: i wish i could, if i had a bunny. huhu.

    @Simply Aya: yes, video was awesome. haha. and really? *sigh* i guess i should get a bunny when i have more free time and i am more responsible.

    @Yannick: oh hey. thankyou! i will be sure to check out your blog. :D

  10. Psh ~ iUpdate like 20 times per day !
    But I've never tasted Sushi, my 1st has to be a Panda though.
    { Came out wrong .. }


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