Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done (Part II)

Fair warning to all of you out there, for the first time in this blog's 2+ year run, I will deviate from my usual formulaic cheery happy writing style for a more serious tone. But meh, that's gonna get old real fast, so let's see if I can still throw a few jokes in there without being inappropriate.

Anyway, one of the really stupid things I've done in my life (aside from insisting that I drink water with a straw) is hurt people. But before y'all call the cops on me, not as in I inflict physical pain on people and have a bunch of bodies stored up in my basement or in my freezer. 

Nope. I'm not this guy.

I hurt them on a deeper, emotional level. I always seem to screw up and hurt the people closest to me. I keep doing stupid mistakes that could've been avoided with just stopping to think about my actions, or their consequences. Blah, I really should fix that part about me. I know that no matter how much someone loves me, people still do have their limits, and no-one really sticks around forever. Even if they do, it won't ever be the same anymore.

Just a little something to ponder about for myself and for everyone out there. Never take people you love and who love you for granted. 

HAHAHAHA. But, srsly you gaiizzz.



  1. Eh, it happens to the best of us. And really, you're not doing it on purpose. People will know that and be more forgiving.. right?

    1. Yeah, but as I said, people get tired of your shizz (intentional or not) eventually. Have to be more careful with that.


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