Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Make Moneyzz Now

So since my last post, I have applied and have been accepted to two separate work places. I've committed two working days to each place, and therefore have a total of four working days per week! (Oh my gosh, this is actually a thing that is really happening!) The workload is manageable. I get to work with super cute kids and friendly people. I still do papers and make notes and I still get to play with play-doh.

Just because mooshing shizz between your palms is therapeutic after a long day. 

Along with the pressure that I'm actually a working girl, I'm getting paid for what I was trained to do. (That's the best part, aside of course from your kid actually making progress). I get paid for every therapy and evaluation session that I do, and this has resulted in a fairly good amount of money making its way into my pockets. Being impulsive me, I immediately went out and spent my first paycheck on a watch, a bag and a pair of shoes. I REGRET NOTHING. But seriously though, I really need to save. So I decided to pace myself (but really, who am I kidding?). Therefore, I created this little wishlist of sorts. I also tried to control my spending by locking some money in a cash box and cramming the rest into my bank account. But anyway, back to my wishlist:

1. A ridiculous amount of shoes
Girls are seemingly preprogrammed to love shoes, so this is kind of a given, I guess. 
Did I mention I really like shoes?

2. A ridiculous amount of clothes
Girls are seemingly preprogrammed to love clothes, so this is kind of a given, I guess. 

3. A ridiculous amount of useless quirky stuff
Being the kind of person who acts first before actually thinking, I usually end up with a ton of stuff that I don't really see myself wanting or needing in the long run. Couple this with the fact that I'm a pack rat and hate throwing out stuff, i end up with limited edition (yet not very functional or age-appropriate) cartoon character bags and headgear, disfigured figurines, mini plants, and even a betta. Yes, I now have a Siamese fighting fish in my room. I bought the little guy on an impulse. But I do know how to take care of him though. So to everyone out there who plans on taking care of a pet, do research first! A friendly reminder from your local blogger weirdo. 

4. Therapy materials for my kids
I want to have a huge collection of therapy stuff because that would be awesome. Plus it would be really cool having my own stuff and not needing to borrow from the clinics I work at. 

5. A ton of food and money for eating out
Because I am me. And I love food so much. I've also been dying to try out all the other food places over here where I live. I do not want to live on McDonalds, cup noodles and cheap pizza anymore. I am not a college student anymore. I am a working girl! I am an adult and I am successful and moving forward with my life! (And I still go to sleep with my favorite stuffed toy at night)


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  1. Happy for you :)
    Good luck with controlling your spending and all, I know how hard that can be :P


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