Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Crazy Little Thing Called...

So one of the things I managed to slash off my bucket list over the course of the past year involves something kind of major. I mean, considering all the past posts I've had regarding this subject, you'd think I'd turn out to be a hopeless old lady with 12349843284 cats. But anyway, what is this thing you ask? Well, it's a little thing called love. ZOMGYAY! Yes, dear readers. I have been unwittingly bitten by the love bug. It all happened so fast, and let me spare you some of the more gummy gooey details. But the thing is, it kind of really actually happened. I know what you're all thinking:

But it's surprisingly true. Someone actually found me attractive enough to pursue me even when I initially rejected this seemingly bogus promise of an actual two-way relationship that would include dinner dates, cheesy conversations and PDA that makes everyone around you feel awkward (as opposed to the usual one-sided ones I have that involve countless hours of Facebook stalking and awkward staring from across the room).
"Ah, I see you've decided to sleep on your side tonight. You so cute"

I actually gave the poor guy a hard time, and he still surprisingly didn't give up for some reason. I gradually began to admire and appreciate his persistence and determination. Eventually, things started running smoothly, although we do have our own fair share of problems, issues and differences, but we still manage to work things out somehow. It's definitely been a while since I've been able to actually have my affections reciprocated. So, on to the next big question. Who is the lucky guy? Well, if y'all remember my old post more than a year back about our college christmas party, he's Iron Man. And although as much as I'd love my very own Robert Downey Jr. (totally different aside from the snarky attitude, his big ego and obsession with technology), he's a pretty okay, although kind of weird-in-a-good-way kind of guy. I can't explain it. We agree on a pretty standard amount of things like our mutual love for Adventure Time and Game of Thrones (these are legit series by the way) but we also disagree a lot. And they're usually petty arguments such as: 

- should you look at incoming traffic or the stoplights when crossing the street?
- what is the most acceptable way to turn down a creepy guy randomly asking for your number?
- is pesto really all that good?
- is Jeremy Renner a cool dude?
- should my socks kinda stick out of my shoes or not?
- why on earth is flyaway hair a good thing?

And the list goes on and on and on. But he's a pretty cool guy, and I admit it's kinda fun having a partner in crime doing all this weird spontaneous shizz with me and having someone to talk to other than the shadows on the wall and the voices in my head. Y'all know what I'm talking about, right? So in conclusion, I can say that I'm a pretty happy kid and let's just hope things continue to run smoothly. So all you hotties out there, I'm sorry but I'm kinda tied down right now. 

Shhhh! It's okay. Dry your tears, boys. Don't worry, I'll call you soon. Calm down. It's gonna be fine. You know I still love you guys!

In conclusion, I guess it's a good idea to wait things out and to actually give people a chance. But eh! What do I know? I'm just another random almost-20-year-old-child-at-heart in love. Stay strong, people! 

Accurate photo of us



  1. that guy seems pretty cool! and extremely handsome!!

    1. Too obvious, man! Tone down the self-praise, boyfriend. Haha.

  2. I'm too happy and kilig for the both of you. Stay strong and in love! :">

  3. Tamis. Yihee. Malapit na mag 1 year anniv! :)))))

  4. "obsession with technology"
    He's got my approval alright! ;D

    1. I kinda knew you'd say that. Oh, techy people!


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