Friday, June 24, 2011

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Ah, finally! It's the weekend again, and it's a three-day one, too. Sucks that I still have to study and do some stuff for class. Oh and also, I can't really go out much since it's been raining so hard (and for long periods of time, too) that I've been wondering whether I should take my boogie board out and ride the street waves. To make matters worse, the CD we waited almost 2 hours for after class containing the project files my partner and I need to work on is being read as a blank disc even though there really is data on it. Err.

On the plus side, it was fun singing random Mulan songs in class as we waited for our respective project CD's. After all, what's better than a movie that teaches kids that if you go against the wishes of your parents, join the army and pretend to be a man, you will find true love? That being said, here's one of my favorite parts from the movie:

Largely due to the fact that Shang has his shirt off the whole time.

I still get goosebumps when Mulan climbs that pillar and grabs that arrow and I'm still amazed at how everyone is suddenly so awesome at everything once she does so. I must definitely work out to this song and pretend I'm training to defeat the Huns!

I'd like to stay forever, 


  1. i've just seen Mulan ONCE and that too when i was little so i barely remember anything and i feel so uncool when people mention that they know the songs of it by heart.
    but then again the only Disney movie songs i know by heart are the ones from Jungle Book. :(
    i hope your CD thing works out and that the rain lets up soon :D

  2. I love Mulan. The hot Chinese dude definitely is a bonus.

  3. I love the rain! lol just saying.. :)
    Haha, I remember plaguing my dad to buy me a vcd of Mulan back when I was younger! That and Anastasia. Cartoon movies of our generation :)

    Goodluck on your CD btw.. *fingers crossed.

    Have a great week end!

  4. The rain is making me crazy.. i love mulan too. :)

  5. Oh iHate when that happens. Thats why iHave it on my email & on a disk/USB drive. > : {
    & Mulan is such an awesome movie ~
    & iWould play that at my wedding.

    That song was really funny, but I also loved "A Girl Worth Fighting For."
    Also "True to Your Heart," but I think that's from Mulan 2.

    That song was really funny, but I also loved "A Girl Worth Fighting For."
    Also "True to Your Heart," but I think that's from Mulan 2.

  8. I like some of the kooky home videos people have uploaded on youtube with that "We are men!" song.
    Did you guys make sure to 'finalize' the burning? I can't really think of any other possible solution otherwise...

    I was actually proud of myself when I first saw that scene because I figured out how to solve the pole climbing problem waayyy before Mulan did.

    And yeah, the Huns were not nice peoples. Though I myself would pretend I was getting ready to fight Nirvana, the Chili Peppers and The Beatles because I feel physically ill each and every single time they play their musics on the radio.
    Enough is enough!

    If only I had a time machine...
    Yo, your total hits are over 9,000!!

  9. Mulan <3 <3 <3 I think I last saw it 3 years ago =o

    Good old days.
    I like True to your heart

    I hope your CD gets okay.

    Happy Moments!

  10. oh gosh i was just listening to another song from Mulan a while back! Reflection!!

  11. \m/
    I get irritated when CD's act all stupid and become a pain. I usually keep 3-4 backups. but in my lab, usb ports are blocked so CD's is all we can take.
    I hope you are having fun at school =D ROFL at the weird thing bitting tent in your cereal box. the animal kingdom seems to be in love with you.

  12. @Furree Katt: whyyy? D:
    Mulan was soo soo good. haha. and darn it, i don't think i even watched Jungle Book. well, i did. but only bits and piece of it. :|
    we had to ask our prof for a different CD and the rain did let up. everything went better than expected. :)

    @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: yes indeedy.

    @Jodie-Ann: bawss indeed. xD

    @Popsy: yeah. i like the rain, too. only if i'm inside when it happens. for some reason, it always rains when i forget to bring my umbrella or something. :| oh and the CD thing worked out.

    @mayen: i wish it would stop but that the coldness would remain. haha. yay for Mulan. :D

    @iZaynab: yeah. backup should definitely be considered. you'll play "I"ll Make A Man Out of You" at your wedding?! lolwhat! haha.

    @Beyond Timid: ah yes, a girl worth fighting for was good, too. also the song in the beginning with the matchmaker. haha. no. true to your heart is Mulan 1. frankly, i didn't like the second one as much as i liked the first movie. haha.

    @Martin Alexander: haha. i like them, too. xD oh and it's "Be a Man" actually. all my life i thought it was "We are Men", too until a friend pointed out my mistake recently. D:
    and we weren't the ones who burned it. our professor did. all's well now, though since she gave us a new CD. :D
    i was a kid and when i first watched Mulan and therefore did not know what the heck you were supposed to do. i even questioned if what Mulan did was actually possible. haha.
    aha. you better watch your back. their fans might get you! D:
    and yes, over nine thousaaand indeed! woot woot! xD

    @Sidrah: sigh *reminisces old Disney movie days* the CD thing is fine now. :)

    @ShuShu: awesome! :D

    @Delilah: Mulan is indeed awesome. :D sucks that you guys can only use CDs. and yeah, the gecko. ick. :| haha.


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