Friday, June 17, 2011

Go Gecko Go?

While lazily attempting to read something for class last night, I decided to go grab a box of cereal (What? I love snacking on breakfast foods at non-breakfast times) and munch on some to help me stay awake. Guess what greeted me as I pulled back the cereal box flaps?

This. It's like animals are determined to give me heart attacks. (Remember the pigeon?)

It's a gecko, I think. Grayish-whitish in color. The little guy nearly made me jump out of my skin. Understandable since I wasn't really expecting those beady eyes staring up at me from the cereal box. With my shaking hands, I managed to snap the above picture. Of course, I then began thinking of ways on how I was going to get him out of there and out into the garden without a) touching him and b) him getting spooked and dropping his tail which will then wiggle and convulse like it has a mind of its own and will gross me out forever (I'm assuming it's a him). Not knowing what the heck I was going to do, I poked the box. Bad idea. That gecko just darted out of there like a reptile version of Speedy Gonzales. I darn well screamed my lungs out as it zoomed across the room, barely missing my feet. I jumped onto the couch in the room and realized the gecko had come to a stop at the foot of said couch.


What was I supposed to do now that the gecko was out of the box? As I pondered this for a moment, I looked back and realized it was. . .gone. Therefore, as I am typing this, there is a gecko loose somewhere in my room. I just hope it sticks to eating bugs and would not resort to staring at me from the ceiling as I sleep.



  1. Oh my gosh! That is really... scary. D;

  2. People keep telling me that they're cute and harmless, but they just look soooo groooosssss

  3. iWould call that fucking company & say iWas very dis-satisfied with their service.
    That's terrifying.

  4. This reminded me of the 'Blair Witch Project' because you're freaking out and jumping on the couch but you still have your camera in hand as you're recording the ensuing madness!

    Anyway, awesome possum!
    Congratulations on the new pet!

  5. It'll cling to your ceiling, and when you're just about to fall asleep, it'll drop onto your face.
    Yeah, goodnight ;3

    Honestly, though, what's so scary about it? Isn't it the cutest little pink-grey little fucker you've ever seen? <3

  6. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD once i stepped on a gecko hahahha it was HORRIBLE.
    i would be scared silly if i saw it looking out of my cereal box :O how on earth did you manage to take pictures? you brave girl O.O

  7. Waaahhh!!! He's gonna get yah! He's gonna get yah!!!!!!

    Kidding. hehe.. I'm sure he's way afraid than you were,, so no need to worry..


    Maybe he's just waiting for the right time to "pounce".. lol


  8. Agree with Fang .. it looks cute =).

    A bit small though. ::compares it with the little guys in Fallout 2::

  9. dude.. I bet you just ate out of that cereal box like a boss. :D

  10. You're like my sister. =]

    She's really scared of reptiles. Once, she found a skink inside the box of her shoes. She screamed like hell. It was like a horror movie kind of scream.

    She didn't capture the moment with her camera though. Maybe she's not that awesome. =]

  11. Nice! Keep up the good work!

  12. @Jodie-Ann: it really was. i was shaking after. :|

    @Ada: they are a bit gross.

    @iZaynab: well, to be fair, the cereal box was already open and was merely sealed back in place. however, i still do not know how the gecko got in.

    @Martin Alexander: hey, you're right! i'm shaky-camera movie material. haha. and yeah, congratulations to me on my new semi-unwanted companion. although i would take him over a cockroach any day.

    @Fang: noooo! :| i don't know if it would still be cute if it'd be climbing all over my face as i lie paralyzed in fear and completely grossed out.

    @Furree Katt: ohmyyyy! you stepped on one?! that's gross and sort of sad at the same time. i like animals and try to not kill them if possible. except cockroaches. i hate those. besides, they're a pretty resilient species. haha. i don't know how i managed to take pictures. the camera was close by so i decided to snap a couple of pics. haha.

    @Leah: don't scare me! haha. i hope he's living peacefully in a dark corner somewhere in my room where i will never look. haha.

    @Sussch: erk. i wouldn't know what i would do if those gecko-things from fallout 2 popped out of my cereal box! :O

    @kray: well...i was hungry. :>

    @Oliver: surprise reptiles in normal locations are really scream-worthy. too bad your sister didn't capture the moment. haha.

    @Lemons: geckos are okay. as long as they don't surprise me and don't touch me. haha.

    @Jason: err. okay! haha.

  13. too late for my comment? lol sorry! been busy!

    argh those guys gives me the creep!
    I touched one of those before and I ended up hyperventilating and dizzy..
    My dad then panicked..haha shared some of my anxiety to him i guess

  14. If it was me, I would have thrown the box, screaming and jumping back to my room. I'm deathly afraid of geckos. And we have plenty here >.>

    One landed on my arm once, and let's say I made the whole house panicked. I even shuddered looking at the pictures here. Ewwww.

  15. @Popsy: no-one is ever late for a comment. haha. why did you get to touch one? and yeah, anxiety is rather contagious. xD

    @Hanis: oh no! the gecko on your arm must've been really gross! but then again, i think i can top you- one night, a cockroach flew into the open window of our condo on the tenth floor and proceeded to land snugly on my cheek. let's just say i or anyone else on all three floors below us did not get any more sleep that night.

  16. Hahaha. Ewww. My friends are scared of cockroaches and one night, in our 4th floor hostel room, a baby cockroach ran around, the 4 girls all screamed and got onto their beds. I was laughing at them.


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