Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Coming Home (With A Little Extra Something...Or Someone)

In less that forty eight hours, I will be boarding another plane bound for my home country. Which means it's back to college for me, no more parents, no more mom's cooking (which is sort of a good thing since I always have to ask what is on my plate at dinnertime), no more bunk bed, no more bumming around, etc. Also, I have my brother tagging along with me since he'll be continuing his studies at a new high school close to my university. This is bad news since a little brother will evidently cramp my style. Ha, I'm kidding (I think). But having an annoying kid brother who everyone believes can do no wrong and is a total angel (but in reality, is someone I'm convinced was sent here to torture me) hovering around you all the time can get pretty...ugh.

I remember I was four years old when he was born and I hated that I was no longer the apple of everyone's eye. The moment I laid my eyes on my baby brother and everyone crowding around him remarking on how cute he was, I knew this meant war.

I swear I looked exactly like this whenever I got close to my brother. 
Sucks that I can't find a picture.

And so began a sibling rivalry that continues even to this day. We have our nice quiet moments, sure, but then I forget about them each time we're engaged in one of our petty battles. 

Anyway, I'm still a bit excited since I'm going to be seeing my friends again. I've realized that I've awfully missed them over the summer break. However, the late night (and early morning) cramming, text book reading, intense studying, etc., I can certainly do without.

Also, in honor of my last airport mission as an unaccompanied minor since I'm turning *shudders* eighteen soon, here's a little blast from the past: Click for old (yet awesome) post about the weirdness I take part in as I travel.



  1. Qwww you're going to be bact at school really soon. good luck! You're airport mission post is really funny.

    I'm you'll be able to find a way to enjoy your brother's presence. (i hope) have a safe trip. :)

  2. Me and my sister used to be that way, but now we're cool. Usually siblings who fight a lot become closer when they grow up (at least that's what my mom says). Man, your summer break ended really fast! When did you get out? :O
    BIRTHDAYS. *shudders with you* Growing older is terrible.

  3. Good luck with your studies :D
    And ahh you're turning 18 soon! YOU'LL BE AN ADULT!!!!
    (kidding, sort of.)

  4. Or is it 21 when you can buy alcohol? XD
    If it is, then no Bailey's for you. Which... sucks.

  5. I just read the linked article and your secret agent practice is HILARIOUS!

  6. Yay, school.
    Do well on your studies so you don't end up homeless in twenty years. :D

    If I had a little brother, I'd make him into my minion. And occasionally help him with his math homework. [:

  7. I'm kinda a new follower! so enlighten me please! what country are you from? :) and are here in the Philippines to study? :)

  8. oooh, little brother. :O
    i have a little brother too, he's 3 years younger than me. i remember being super jealous of all the attention he had gotten when he was a little baby.
    good luck with college and all! ♥ i've never traveled alone :O
    and i was one of your earliest followers so i've read all your posts on your blog, HOW KEWL IZ DAT?!

  9. LOL @airport mission. do you also make it a point you dress in black and wear those sexy aviators? =D
    and school is here!!! Id do ANYTHING to switch places with you right now.
    Kick ass. and all the bloody best =) *big hug*

  10. My my.
    I'm the oldest out of 5 so iFeel you ~
    But have fun on the place ride : " D
    Don't die, carry a parachute just in case.
    Have fun getting back with your friends and back continuing your studies.

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  12. Hahaha!! The little girl on the picture looks so adorably EVIL! hehe.. And you look just like that? Come on! Go find that picture.. I wanna see!! #LOL

    Anyway, school is a happy place.. for me. It's where I feel... free. Too bad, I can;t go back to school now. Busy being an adult.. work, work, work. Oh well, not in school but still learning.. it's a continuous process, anyway.. :D

    And you're turning 18!! Happy birthday to yah! Yaay!!

  13. omg you're soooo sooo young. I'm jealous!! And the girl in the pic is adorable!!

    I think it's super fun to get to know 2 countries though, and there I go, being envious again! :P

  14. @mayen: yeah. thanks. :D and i think my brother and i will figure something out. haha.

    @Beyond Timid: aww. good for you and your sister. i hope your mom is right about that. i think summer break flew by pretty fast but it was two months and as they say, time flies when you're having fun.

    @Jodie-Ann: i know. kind of sucks, doesn't it? also, i think it;s 18. haha.

    @Ada: why, thankyou! :)

    @Fiona: sigh, i guess i should. haha. so are you an only child or do you have a sister/big brother? :)

    @Popsy: hello! and thanks for following me! :D i've lived in the Middle East my entire life but came to the Philippines for college. :D

    @Furree Katt: little siblings who hog all the attention are mean. haha. kidding. also, thanks and yes, i know! thankyou so much, Furree! i wuv you! :D

    @Delilah: you better believe it. haha. i just wish there were more slow-mo scenes and a bad-ass soundtrack for when i pass through. haha. xD also, thanks! *hugs back*

    @iZaynab: five? i don't know what i would do if i had four younger siblings. haha. thankyou!

    @savvy: hola! i'll check out your blog. :D

    @Leah: i can't. the family pictures are back at home. haha. school is fun (at times). haha. thankyoouu! for both the greeting and for coming to visit my blog again. :D

    @ShuShu: but i'm getting older! *whimpers* and the country thing is fun. it's the traveling that gets to me. haha.

  15. Gosh. The picture made me laugh. :D

  16. d00d was this when your murder attempt became unsuccessful? anyway, looking forward to staying at your new place :)


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