Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Little Airplane Stuff Rant and Bonus Baby Po

Hello guys. I've been back since yesterday but then I decided to spend all of yesterday sleeping off the entire afternoon, and I then woke up much later, early in the morning, my head nestled in a pool of drool the size of half my face. Attractive? I think yes.

Anyway, here's a little rant about about airplane stuff:

1) I hate the fact that when I go through a long flight, I get off the plane with my butt sore from all that sitting in the same position, my lips cracked, my hair all static-y and all over the place, my eyes all red and puffy and my skin dull and dry. Not to mention, the grumpy and sleepy feelings mixed together. To top it all off, the flight attendants who were with you all throughout the flight (unless they have spontaneous skydiving sessions in between destinations) are all smiling and cheerful, the women's make-up all set in place and not smudged at all, their hair all nice and tidy and not a single wrinkle in their uniforms. I've always wondered how they happen to manage that. I'm thinking they're robots.

"What the hey?! Were we even on the same 16 hour flight together?"

2) Based on my travels on a couple of airlines so far, I have this to say: I have never encountered airplane food that is yummy, let alone edible. Well, except for the peanuts; those are okay. I do not know why, but the mere smell of it makes me want to gag. I especially hate the food with sauces, which range in color from brown to a bright orange with either goopy or runny textures. Blegh. I researched why airplane food is so disgusting and came up with a couple of answers. This is interesting and this is just gross.

"Oh gawd! I swear I can smell it through the photo!" *gags*

Maybe the guy who brought in McDonald's food in big brown McDonald's paper bags, slurping on up-sized McDonald's soda on my last flight had the right idea, after all.

3) To add insult to injury, the clouds outside the airplane window look like big chunks of cotton candy just beckoning you to go out and have a bite. I especially love how they turn a glorious pinkish color as the sun starts to rise, making me want them even more. I can't even count how many times I've caught myself looking longingly out the window wondering what clouds would taste like. (Also all you science nerds, I can do without your explanation of clouds being made up of water or whatever, thank you very much.)

Hey, you're running in the wrong direction, girl. Always remember, charge into the cotton candy storm, not run away from it.

4) Actually, this next thing is all about people. I hate people who deliberately yak into their phones as we are about to take off, despite repeated warnings by the the cabin crew (One time there was this woman who acted as if the phone was off and as if she didn't know what she was being warned about but as soon as the stewardess got out of hearing distance, she began talking into her phone again. ugh.), I hate it when people unfasten their seat belt and start rummaging around in the overhead bin shortly after landing even though the fasten seatbelt sign is still on and the plane is still moving, I hate it when people behind you repeatedly kick your seat (I mean, we all paid the same amount here, so if you wanted extra legroom, perhaps you should've shelled out a bit more ka-ching ka-ching), I hate it when the person sitting next to me pokes my side with his/her elbow or invades my space and ends up stepping on my foot or I end up stepping on his/her foot and he/she has the gall to be a bit annoyed at me, I hate babies and kids who scream and cry for seemingly hours on end, with their parents nestled comfortably in their seat, with either headphones or earplugs on, completely ignoring their hellspawn. (Come on, if you can't control your kid, you should've left him/her at home. Not that it would be a good idea, but it's a seemingly better one if you're going to just let your kids kick up a storm in the confined area of a plane, disturbing other passengers and not do anything about it), etc. etc.

Also, this.

And with that, I can conclude this little blog post. Oh and I also just watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with some college friends and it was awesome, so here's a GIF of baby Po thrown in for all of you! 

Uwwaaaah! Cuteness overload! 



  1. I sometimes wake up in drool, too. Or notice I'm drooling while falling asleep, sucking it up, and be awake and alert again...

  2. oooh.. I have never experienced riding a plane! My first would probably be this July :) Yey

    Thanks for the heads up! lol
    How's your brother?

  3. I remember one idiot had his iPhone on literally when the plane popped its wheels out for touchdown, and I was like "Dude you ain't that important."

    And I hate long flights too :(

  4. This was so true, it's actually sad. Glad to see you made it in one piece :)

  5. LOL ISHASHIME HAHAHAHAHA this was really funny.
    i look like a mess after every flight :( and i totally do not look forward to the food, WHY CAN'T THEY SERVE SOMETHING TUMMY-FRIENDLY?!

    and yes.
    crying babies.
    i can't stand the sound of babies crying. so when some cow brings their little baby on a flight i'm always like OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O.O

  6. Welcome back! I bet the rain greeted you when you land?

    I haven't been to a long plane ride to actually experienced what you have experienced.

    Oh watch kung fu panda 2. I told you it's superb.

  7. Wow, I'd never really thought about how the flight attendants really do manage to keep themselves so composed for so long. I also wonder if they can work a flight shift and then take a few days off to explore random cities. That would be absolute boss!
    And the image of Ashlee Simpson (I think!) going bonkers was a fine touch!

    Sad to say, I've only taken one flight ever, and I was five years old, so I can't say I was familiar with the cotton-candy cloud phenomenon before reading your post. I'd initially assumed your post was wandering into nuclear fallout territory when I glanced at the picture.

    Speaking of cotton candy, I tend to go long time periods (years!) in between CC snacking, but if somebody in front of me offers me some I'll have too much of it and be turned off for another few years. We have a strange relationship, us two.

    And yeah, the whole people thing is annoying, but I think some secretly just like feeling "rebellious" by choosing to ignore the rules. That, I can actually kinda relate to, unless it means I have to be rude to anyone.

    Haha, I know my comment has gone on long enough, but I tried watching KF Panda once right after dinner and ended up passing out. I've been meaning to watch it ever since, and I think the fact that the sequel is out in theaters may be a sign of sorts.

  8. @Fang: i do not know what to think of that. haha.

    @Popsy: really? where are you off to? my brother is fine. :)

    @Ada: sometimes people are rather annoying, and yes long flights suck.

    @InnocentlyGreen: thanks. :)

    @Furree Katt: thankyouuu! and yes, yucky airplane food is yucky. crying babies are indeed cringe-worthy.

    @mayen: correct! it was raining when we touched down and yeah, KF2 was awesome! :D

    @Jodie-Ann: i sort of hate them, too. especially if the flight is super long.

    @Martin Alexander: first of all, your comment is soooo long! haha. second of all, i never thought about what flight attendants could do when they fly to random cities, but i agree, though. that would be pretty awesome. also, i don't think that's Ashlee Simpson, but then again, i don't really know my celebrities well. haha.
    you had only one flight ever since you were five years old? well, i suppose you'll get it when you finally do fly again.
    also, but whyyyy? cotton candy is so delicious. i sometimes fear there is never enough cotton candy. haha. you're weird, in a good way though, if that even makes sense.
    as for the feeling rebellious thing, sometimes, they do cross over to being rude, so i don't know.
    WATCH KUNG FU PANDA NOW! how could you pass out? (well, unless someone stuffed tranquilizer pills in your food) that movie was awesome! haha.

  9. I have a secret love for airplane food and hospital food >.> I go crazy for them. I swear.


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