Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#3 The Pizza Slice With The Most Toppings (L)

Today is the first of June. That means school (well, for me) will be starting soon and I've got the back-to-school-blues. I'm going to be a junior in college and that's a big thing. All this and I'm only 17. Even now I still think that everything's moving too fast and I don't really have much time to stop and smell the flowers. Oh well, enough depressing reality checks, time for *drum roll* another random part of life that I love!

Whenever we get pizza, I immediately scan the whole pie for the slice that's overflowing with pepperonis, green peppers, olives, mushrooms, beef, and cheese. Basically the slice with the most toppings, because we all know that's the best slice evaaaarr!

I have to do all this before my brother gets his hands on the pizza.

Target acquired!

Of course sometimes, I do give in to my brother. After all, I do love the big lug, even though he annoys the heck out of me. Then we can all hold hands and stuff our faces with pizza; lots and lots of pizza. But then again, bonus points if you get the pizza slice with the most toppings without even trying!

That calls for a pizza party!



  1. I love pizza.. i also look for the slice that is overflowing with toppings..yum..yum..

    very cute drawings.. I wish I can do that. :p

  2. i love pepperoni on a pizza! i can't stand too much capsicum, though. i always call dibs on the slice with the most meat on it :D
    cute drawings! ♥

  3. LOL I do that too! It's the best part of having pizza :)

  4. I hate how unevenly spread the topping are sometimes D: OCD EVERYWHERE

  5. This post made me hungry. I just got myself some strawberry and litchi chews since its too late to eat anything else :|
    I LOVE pizza. I cant say who doesn't because I know people who hate it, no kidding! =D
    and I always let my sisters or anyone in the family take the bigger/better slices. But when I'm with friends, I pounce on the bestest one! =D
    Luck for school ishashime! Have a super sexy year =D

  6. I'm the kind of person who'd rearrange the toppings to make sure all the slices are evenly covered :|

  7. PIZZA ♥
    The more toppings, the better. Have you tried it with white sauce, pineapples, and spinach? It's yummay in mah tummay. Haha. :D
    LOL my sister always tries to hog the biggest slice. She doesn't go for the most toppings, just the size. It pisses me off, but oh well. Hehe.

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, your drawings are so cute! ♥

  9. This happens with my brother as well. I don't like handing mine to him though.
    I love your face in the doodle.

  10. I love pizza too!!! :D IT'S THE BOMB!

  11. lmao x P iDo that but with size. iLike cheese mostly so iJust pray iGet a small slice and then iGet a huge ass one.
    Reverse Mentality Winning !
    Or something like that.

  12. @mayen: woohoo slice with the most toppings! :D and thanks. :D

    @αвву M.: right on! :D

    @Furree Katt: i like pepperoni, too. also, i had to google capsicum since i didn't know what it was. haha.

    @InnocentlyGreen: right you are!

    @Lemons: why, thankyou! :D

    @Fang: but that's the best part. more for the strong, less for the weak! haha. i kid.

    @Delilah: aww. sorry about that. haha. i don't know why some people hate pizza. i think it's wonderful! oh well, to each his own. and you sound like a great sister and an even greater friend. haha. also, thanks! :D

    @Ada: you and Fang should make evenly-topped pizzas together. haha. xD

    @Beyond Timid: oh yes, i've tried that combination of toppings before, although i've forgotten what that particular pizza is called. haha. yummy in my tummy indeed! lol at your sister! oh and thanks!

    @AcetylCholine: haha. evil sister? i kid. thankyou! :)

    @Jodie-Ann: yes, it is! :D

    @iZaynab: hmm. i never thought of that. haha.


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