Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In The Mood

"Mood ring oh mood ring, oh tell me will you bring the key to unlock this mystery of girls and their emotions, play it back in slow motion so i may understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind."
-Mood rings by Relient K

Yesterday, my friends and I all randomly (and rather impulsively) went out and bought mood rings at one of the jewelry stalls located inside our local mall. I, for one, am highly amused by the way the mood rings change color depending on your body temperature, and just the way it sounds in general. Say it with me- moooood rings. I may have to add that to my list of favorite words along with scrunchies, effervescence and jubilee, among others. 

But wouldn't it be awesome though, if everyone wore mood rings that really showed their mood? It would save us all (especially those of us who are normally clueless and sucky at body language and hidden meanings) from awkward and uncomfortable moments. Although (and I may be generalizing just a bit here) guys' mood rings would all just probably register one mood forever: the mood for some lovin'. 

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"Hmm. Not sure if want."

Also, girls' mood rings would probably change colors too fast too often to even be read, especially during "that time of the month", where, based from my personal experience, I felt like everything was smiling down at me one second, feeling as if ten goldfishes just died the next, then suddenly wanting to punch a wall. Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe these real, 100 percent accurate mood rings wouldn't be all that fun. So for now, I may just stick to my current works-according-to-body-temperature mood ring. I'm not at all pleased though that for the past couple of hours it has only alternated between a green and dark blue color, which according to the chart that came with my it, means that I am feeling lovable. Yeah, I didn't get it, either.

However, the expected black color I was expecting it to register today (for feeling stressed) surprisingly didn't manifest itself during my audio exam. I instead got a light blue one, which meant I was "relaxed". Yeah, I can remember feeling all relaxed as I took one look at the test questions and I was like "Oh shoot. What the heck is this? Did I study this? FUUUU- I am screwed."

Good job, mood ring. Good job.

Au revoir,


  1. i think mood rings are so cool! i'm fascinated with how they change colour according to your body temperature. :O sadly, i have never owned one. :(
    it would be really convenient to find out someone's mood without having to speak to them. just take a glace at their mood ring (if they were accurate)!
    but then it would also expose the biggest lie ever; "i'm fine." haha!
    and LOL it's too funny that your mood ring showed the exact opposite of how you were feeling.

  2. LOL.
    I've always wanted a mood ring. But they don't actually work so... yeah. XD

  3. i knew it's not accurate, though I never own one. I don't know, I was never attracted to it.

    it's funny that when you feel stressed the ring says your relaxed. haha..

    I hope your exam result would be okay. :)

  4. Lol. Mood rings were the in-thing seven years back. I'm amused that they are still being sold.
    Fraud pieces of junk.

  5. I love looking at mood rings, but hey don' work, which is very annoying. Though its for the best, I mean would u want everyone to know how you feel?

  6. Slowly, the color of the mood ring can influence your mood too sometimes. All shams work this way.

    Very interesting article!

  7. Slowly, the color of the mood ring can influence your mood too sometimes. All shams work this way.

    Very interesting article!

    That out of the way ~ : )
    & Awesome that you guys got them.

  9. Mood rings? I haven't seen one yet. LOL..

    I think it is pretty cool, to own a mood ring. Changes according to what the person feels, eh? If I do have one on me, that mood ring will have a headache.. LOL. My "mood" changes every minute or so.. :P

  10. hahahahah I laughed so hard during this post ;)

    anyways, I love mood rings...i just wish they were legit, because i am one of the people that cannot understand body language, even if my life depended on it... x/


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