Sunday, July 10, 2011

Speech Pathologists Are Awesome

"Oh hai there. This is me before another *cough* wonderful *cough* day at the university."

This is me procrastinating again. I'm supposed to be buried deep into my readings on laryngectomy, cleft lips and palates, and swallowing disorders since I have an exam on said topics and more tomorrow. I've barely recovered from my last exam on Friday, which was on Neuroanatomy (which meant brains and neurons and shizz) and here I am preparing for another one. Oh and I have another exam on Thursday, this time on Voice disorders, etc. For next week, and the week after that, I will also be expecting even more exams. All this, and I have yet to finish my transcription project and I haven't even started on any of the other required projects for this semester. 

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"Oh lawdy. Stop the world! I wanna get off! If only just for a minute. "

Despite boring, dragging, seemingly-endless class hours, a crapload of readings and books, and a ton of exams, we all still find time to laugh at it all, and have some fun. After all, here are top ten reasons to date a Speech-Language Pathologist from this site:

10. We’ll prove that doing it slow makes it smoother.
9. We can make you scream in all the right ways
8. One hour sessions are our specialty
7. We’ll teach you how to make the “OH” face
6. We know how to get your strongest muscle up
5. We know the value of frequency
4. We love intensity
3. We know how to swallow
2. It’s all about the tongue placement
1. We do it orally!

Now, didn't I and every other Speech Pathologist you know suddenly become 283147132136 percent hotter and more desirable? Well then, I will now start accepting applications for my next date. Ha, I kid. but then again, you could always profess your love for me in the comments section down below. *wink* Oh and if you still can't get over how awesome we are, here are more reasons stating this fact.

Finally, a belated happy birthday to my beloved cobbler. Here's to your 19th year on this earth! I love you, dude. :)

ləv ju gajz,


  1. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE ♥ and your hair is lovely.
    it really sounds like you have a lot of work to do. :O
    LOL the points made me laugh haha. smart stuff!

    the last line was 'love you guys', wasn't it? :P

  2. like your chin! student life, i miss having one! too bad im old(er).

  3. You look amazing in your picture. [: I love your bangs, I've always tried pulling them off, but they end up getting all frizzy after a few hours, ahaha.

    LOL at the reasons to date a speech pathologist.

  4. You look sp pretty in the pic!! :D And oh yeah, I wanna date a speech pathologist now. XD

  5. So, umm, are these applications expected only from the opposite sex or are you also interested in swinging the other way? Just asking ;)
    honestly, you are HOT. and I love your hair.
    and ROFL at the rest of the post =D

  6. And I forget, Kick some exam butt? =) Make us proud!

  7. Scandalous!!
    Do SLPs actually make people scream as some sort of vocal exercise?

  8. haha.. If ever it didn't work out with Jed can you refer me to your colleagues? kidding..

    you are so cute.. good luck on your exams.. I know you'll do well. :)

  9. ahahhahah! i always cram for exams too :)

  10. nyaha since you're a girl maybe you can hook me up with your speech pathos guy friends kidding!

    I'm baaaaack! :)

  11. Hai Tharrr ; D Oh my what a beautiful woman you are ~
    & Your gonna show that test who's boss ~ > : { O

  12. @Lemons: thankyouu! haha.

    @Furree Katt: thanks. haha. and yeah, i definitely still have a lot to do. and yay you can read IPA! haha. :D

    @Miss 'Chievous: haha. thanks and yeah, i might probably miss student a million years or so.

    @Fiona: aww. it might comfort you to know that my hair only looks like that for a while, too. haha. xD

    @Jodie Ann: woohoo for SP's! :D

    @Delilah: hmm. i'd have to think about that. hahaha. thanks, though i will definitely kick some exam butt! :D

    @Martin Alexander: teehee. well we fix people up (haha weird phrasing) so that they can scream right and not you know, have raspy, breathy, etc. voices. xD

    @mayen: oh you. i'm sure you and Jed will last. haha. thanks, though! :D

    @cricketfreak: crammers unite!

    @Popsy: hmm. that's a tempting offer. my SP guy friends could use a girl in their lives. hahaha.

    @iZaynab: oh you make me blush. haha. and yeah, i WILL ace that exam.


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