Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mish Mash Of Updates

Well, this is embarrassing. This is going to be only my sixth post for the month of July and the month's nearly over. How did I go from 22 posts a month in January to just 6 for July? Tsk.

Why indeed. Well, I shall tell you. The university has been killing me, all of us, burdening us with projects and homeworks, bombarding us with exams 2-3 days a week and 4-8 hour lectures a day, depriving us of sleep and keeping us high on sugar or caffeine, or sometimes even a combination of both (although I don't drink coffee. It's never appealed to me).

"Braaaaaiiiinsss...I..I mean..Exaaaaammmsss, projeeectttsss awooo"

Yes, we've been turned into literal zombies, hobbling around the college with dazed, brain-dead looks in our eyes. I, myself can barely keep my eyes open as a lecturer drones on about stuff-that-is-and-will-be-important-but-then-I'm-not-sure-because-I'm-totally-out-of-it-dood.

Anyway, yesterday was quite eventful since yesterday was the deadline of one of our Language projects that involved transcribing a sample video of a kid interacting normally with her parents at home and analyzing every single utterance and studying each morpheme and whatnot and making a paper on it. Needless to say, it's harder than it sounds. So there I was burning the midnight oil, hitting my head on our reference book and my keyboard in frustration, when suddenly...the ground started to shake. Actually, everything started to shake. The water in my aquariums (both for my fish and turtle) slopped and splashed out the sides, and my stuff rattled in their places. Turns out, that wasn't just all the stress making me imagine things-there was actually an earthquake and I only realized it when my brother started shrieking like a little girl and running in circles around our room. 

Thankfully, it didn't last long but then I still had my Language project to do and as the sun started to rise, I realized I probably would not finish it in time for the 1 PM deadline. I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't realize how hard it was raining outside. When I logged into Facebook about an hour and a half or so before the deadline (yes I was extremely crunched for time and there I was casually logging into Facebook and let it be known that I haven't taken a bath or eaten breakfast at this point), someone who was already at the university (yes, there were actually those who managed to finish on time. *grumbles incoherently*) announced that classes were already suspended because of the rain and the deadline for the project was moved to next Tuesday. 

Literally what I was thinking at the time

Apparently, it wasn't just Fanta sea. It was true. It was all true. Needless to say, I spent a good few minutes jumping around the room in my pajamas. Today, classes were suspended as well since it's still raining pretty hard. I'm also still hoping that the suspension will carry over until tomorrow. It's kind of pushing my luck, but hey, as Homer put it: "It only makes the luck last longer". Although come to think of it, when was Homer ever right?

Pure genius, folks.

Anyway, I still have an exam on Friday and another on Monday, both of which I have yet to study for. Let's not forget the moved Language project I still have not fully perfected. Also, because of the class suspensions, this also means that there will be makeup classes to, you know, make up for lost time. Gah! My procrastination issues are getting really bad. I need to start studying right

after I re-watch the Lord of The Rings trilogy and swoon over how skilled Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom) is with his bow and arrow. He shot me right through the heart the first time I saw him. TEEHEE.



  1. awww hehehhehe i love this post! and the pictures made me laugh out loud literally, especially the fanta sea one!=D

  2. your zombie is really creepy. I can't even look at it. I was sleeping during the earthquake. hehe.. I just found out in the morning when jed texted me, asking if I was alright.

    Oh well, isn't a relief classes was suspended. you have more time to do your school work or not. lol. Good luck. I know you can do it!!

  3. Oh thank goodness you are safe! I died laughing at everything else in this post. Suspended classes are blessings in disguise, for the moment, as make up classes can be total bitches. But atleast for now you have time to work on your project to make it awesomer. tame it I say!

    I remember slogging for some lame ass exam the entire night without sleeping for an hour straight (that happens EVERY exam but this one was TOUGH). Next morning, sweet joy, the paper gets cancelled due to heavy rain. Good times.

  4. classs suspension is the biggest relief & joy -
    for the time being =p

  5. Ugh I hate school. :/ You're already back? I go back in another week.
    I loved the Fanta image! :D Did you make it?

  6. There was an earthquake???
    Well its good you're safe! :)
    Hahahaha, go back to studying. (But don't forget to blog)

  7. oh, and you have been awarded at my blog :) go check it out, yes?

  8. i laughed so hard at the earthquake part!

  9. 6 isn't so bad, look at me..2 or 1 in a month =/

    Am coming back to life as my vacations just started =D ..hope you get some soon, too.

    I love Legolas ^^

    oh and I hate earthquakes =o

  10. Hi, just like to let you know that I'll be blogging at from now on! :P

  11. It happens : P
    iHope you remain sane after all this hard work ~ It pays off in the end though > : D Keep on going for the gold ! !
    my brother started shrieking like a little girl and running in circles around our room.
    Nice. When earthquakes happen here iEither enjoy the moment or run under a table ~
    Aha, but that's awesome they canceled your classes.
    { I'm gonna use the Fanta Sea joke from on now though }
    Good luck on you upcoming exams ~ ! ! <3 <3
    & iWould love to let him shoot me with his arrow of love anytime, anyday.

  12. HAHA! :D
    Keep going though. When you get your fabitty-fab-fab job and get your even more fabbity-fab-fab pay, you'll be happy you didn't give up :D


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