Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pigeon That Tried To Kill Me

I woke up this morning to the sound of scratching and rustling, apparently coming from the bedroom window. It was still fairly early (around 7AM) and the room I shared with my brother was only illuminated by the faint orange sunlight filtered by the curtains. My brother and I slept on a bunk bed with myself occupying the top one. (Hey, bunk beds are fun!) I always wanted the one with the slide but then my parents opted for the less-likely-accident-prone one (the one with just the ladder. Ha!) But anyway, groggy and disoriented, I decided to move over to the foot of the bed (where the window was), draw back the curtains and see what was up.

This. This was what was up.

I was a bit taken aback, although nothing major and I just stared at the pigeon resting comfortably on the window sill for a few seconds. That is of course, before it decided to become the pigeon from hell and started flapping its wings angrily and ramming itself into the window. As I tumbled out of the top bunk (which mind you, was three feet off the ground), very much startled, all I could think of was Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Long story short, my brother wakes up from the noise (which was a combination of me shrieking and hitting the floor with a loud thud) and my parents rush into the room to see what had happened, only to find me writhing in pain on the floor claiming a pigeon had tried to kill me. 

Of course, they didn't believe me, convinced that I was merely having a bad dream. But I know the truth. There's a killer pigeon out there and it wants me silenced for *gulp* good. Later, with my shoulder still rather sore, I decided to check on the pigeon. I peeked through the curtains: It was gone! Then I realized there was a nest on the window sill composed of juice box straws, plastic fasteners, tissue, random pieces of note paper and a. . .small plastic toy turtle (what the heck, killer pigeon?).

Now that I think of it, perhaps that pigeon got angry at me considering I got all in its face, and I was disturbing it as it created a pretty little nest for its little babies. *waits patiently for helpless baby pigeons to arrive* Muahahahaha! What? I'm kidding. 



  1. This is an interesting case of an angry bird.

    Had a similar story. Only in my case, the pigeon went to take a dump in our condo. Whether that was a good omen or not is still a mystery.

  2. My dad's would've killed that pigeon by now :0

  3. aww i have a pigeon story too!! they are adorable... arent they? umm except the ones who try kill you.. =p


    chhirpsss back!!

  4. haha.. I'm so happy that pigeon wasn't successful in killing you. haha..

    I think pigeons are awesome except that one who tried to ummm.. kill you. :D

  5. Sounds like it saw its own reflection move (because you shifted the curtains) that's why it got mad. Poor, stupid, pigeons.

  6. > ___ < OMG The title..
    Nevermind, iWould be in traumatic shock rehab for something like that ~

    PS# ; D Congrats on 69 followers

  7. HAHA awwwww ishashime!
    that picture is pretty creepy. and that pigeon did really seem dangerous, from the way you described it :O i hate it when birds squawk around too much early in the morning! what is their problem?!
    i love bunk beds, my brother and i used to have one. he got the top bunk though.
    i hope you're not too hurt from your fall!
    that nest seems really awesome O.O

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL @iZaynab's comment

  8. Hahaha! That's why I hate anything with claws and beaks. :P
    There was once a furious crow that tried jumping inside my fireplace, but the chimney was closed. It squawked and died. We've never opened the vent to use the fireplace ever since.

  9. What's wrong with parents? They always seem to forget that their children grow up. My mom doesn't want to believe me either whenever I tell her there's a ghost inside my closet. I'm like, "Mom I'm 17, so believe me this time! THERE REALLY IS A GHOST INSIDE MY CLOSET. Not a monster this time, a ghost!!!"

    Your parents should believe that killer pigeons do exist. Tell them you caught one using a Pokeball. =]

  10. I have pigeons on my bedroom window too! They're so annoying urrgh!

  11. That pigeon looks CUTE.. except for that murderous look in its eye. It's my dream to have a bunk bed someday =/ I am 21 , I've never had one. And when I get one.. I want the top bunk =D

  12. haaw! *utter terror*
    pigeons formulating murder plot.such evil evil things!
    I heard they don't usually give up. stay on your guard okay? =D
    and waaaaah!I want a bunk bed too! =(

  13. @rah: wow. that...stinks. pardon the pun, i couldn't help myself. haha.

    @Fang: that sounds rather extreme! :O

    @Crimson Coral: i think pigeons are evil and disguise this with their pretend stupidity. haha.

    @Sussch: :D

    @mayen: i suppose. haha.

    @Ada: hmm. i didn't think of that. Could be.

    @iZaynab: lolwhat. xD

    @Furree Katt: yes, what is their problem? haha. i claimed the top bunk before my brother could even say a word. haha.

    @Beyond Timid: wow, that's a horror story right there! :O

    @Oliver: haha! too funny! and perhaps i should tell them that. ;)

    @Jodie-Ann: :D

    @Daania Aman: i knooow! haha.

    @Sana Castellano: i've never thought pigeons were cute. haha. wait, but then who's going to claim the bottom bunk? :D

    @Delilah: they..don't? *gulp*


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