Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airport Missions

Since I live in a foreign country and attend college in my home country, I go home to my family in that foreign country every time there's a break from school that lasts a minimum of two weeks. So that means a lot of plane rides which by the way, each last about 16 hours (including stopovers). eep. Anyway, do you know what I like to do when I am at the airport waiting for my plane to start boarding? If you answered sit patiently somewhere or get some coffee, you are sadly mistaken.

I actually like to go ahead and pretend that I am a secret agent. Oh yes. I know that female secret agents haven't been really getting the exposure they so rightfully deserve, but admit it, they are awesome. They execute every move with precision and grace, they are excellent at multitasking (like reloading a gun while skillfully beating everyone who comes close to a pulp). Plus, men easily fall victim to their female charms and they are also normally (and wrongfully) viewed as delicate and harmless creatures, easily making women the deadliest weapons on the planet. Alright men, I dare you challenge that statement. Go on.

Did you hear me? I said...Ah, never mind.

So now that you won't argue that females are awesome, let me explain how I go about pretending I am a secret agent. Every time I go home, I have my laptop, phone and mp4 player in my carry-on baggage (for easy retrieval every time I have a "mission", of course). These are my handy-dandy secret agent tools. I walk around the airport to my gate exuding smooth and calculated confidence. I stand up straight and never miss a step. I exaggerate every move I make with my gadgets (like pretending to talk to someone on the phone while scanning my surroundings suspiciously or checking my watch and pretending to press some buttons there afterwards). Oh and did I mention that since I am still an Unaccompanied Minor, airport security has to constantly follow me around? Yeah. I undoubtedly look even more awesome with some airport security personnel following me around at a reasonable distance (not too close to make him look like my bodyguard and not too far that he just looks like some random security person doing his rounds but just right to make it seem like he's following me or is on to me) talking into a walkie-talkie, while I pretend to calmly evade him, lest my cover be blown. Also, when we get to my designated gate, the airport security personnel leaves me there for a while and I pretend to sigh with relief because I managed to shake him off my trail.

Honestly, I have gotten quite a few suspicious looks from random people at the airport and I actually love it. It pumps me up and further fuels my imagination. They probably believe that I am a real secret agent and an awesome one at that.Or they probably just think I'm some weird/crazy seventeen year old kid who acts like she's being followed.

I'm happy either way. Haha.

until our next mission,


  1. I.



    Seriously. I can't figure out what to say to this, dude. XD

    Really. ;w;

  2. I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm.. XD

    Kinda jealous though, I want to freak out/troll people like that too. ;w; Though I don't get many chances to do so.

  3. you can do both. haha. xD

    We can do this at the mall! haha. Although I don't really think those security guards who merely poke the insides of our bags without looking would even care. haha.


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