Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#2 Connecting With Strangers (L)

Last Sunday, I was at the grocery hogging all the free grape samples (what? do not judge) and shoving random junk food for the week into my shopping basket when this middle-aged woman who is a bit on the heavier side walks past and she's wearing this weird outfit.

The woman was wearing a top that was cut really low in front and was not zipped up in the back because it was already extremely tight and there was no way she could zip it up even if she wanted to. She was literally walking around the supermarket with her top not zipped up. She was also wearing this tight mini skirt that hugged her curves in all the wrong places and sky-high heels. She walked like she was all that (even though she was not) and had her lips pouted and everything (oh and did I mention that her face was so caked in makeup that she looked like a clown?) and I just stared at her in stunned silence for a while with my jaw probably half-open.
She looked like this but with more makeup.

I turned to this little old woman beside me who was grocery shopping too and she had the same look on her face. We looked at each other and each gave the did-you-just-see-what-i-saw looks before nodding and half-laughing in agreement. Connecting with that old woman felt awesome. There's just something about sharing a little laugh with a complete stranger about some other weird stranger.



  1. agree!! =)

    are you sure there werent any cameras around? might be a shootor something? =p

  2. I love samples from the groceries too.. ooppsss..

    I agree that there's just something about sharing a little laugh with a complete stranger. You said on the picture caption that the old woman you saw wears a lot more make up than that one on the picture. The woman on the picture is already covered with make up. I bet the old woman you saw really looks hilarious. OMG. :)

  3. once there was some kind of argument going on inside a store, it had a few onlookers (including me). one totally hot guy was passing, he took a good look at the arguers, and then he caught my eye and winked. i winked back! haha not sure if that's really connecting but i think it was in mockery of the whole situation (can't remember the details of that argument, though) :O
    FUNNY STORY OF YOURS! i could kind of imagine what that woman looked like, EW!

  4. I tried to picture the woman, but then my mind's eye got rotten D':

  5. Hahaha! I love to take all the free samples at the grocery store too. :D I happen to think it's one of the best parts of grocery shopping.

    HAHA! What a crazy experience!
    I remember going shopping once and they were playing a really cute song on the radio. I caught the eye of an old lady who was also grocery shopping and we just simultaneously started dancing and laughing. When the song ended she winked at me then we went on our seperate ways. I hope I can be that cool when I grow older!

  6. Haha!! That's really funny. I remember once I was at this bus stop and this woman walks by. She looked like a junkie and was telling these kids not to do something. It was weird. She was wearing a skirt and her legs were REALLY hairy.
    I glanced at this kid who glanced at me and we chuckled a bit because it was so odd. That woman was literally SCOLDING those kids. It was so funny. XD Oh! And she wasn't wearing a bra, so her boobs were just drooping in a really gross way. D:

  7. x P iCan only imagine how akward & finny that must have been ~

  8. @Crimson Coral: no. i'm pretty sure there weren't any cameras. if so, i got punk'd bad. hahaha.

    @mayen: grocery samples are the best! haha. connecting with strangers does indeed give you this unexplainable feeling. and yes, that woman with the makeup looked horribly funny.

    @Furree Katt: hahaha. Furree! that is so funny. i love how you winked back. haha. xD that woman haunts my dreams now. haha. kidding.

    @Fang: haha. well, my flesh-and-blood eyes will never recover. xD

    @Simply Aya: it is, isn't it? haha. wow, your experience with that old lady is truly amazing. she seems really cool. :)

    @Jodie-Ann: whuut. haha. she must have a couple of screws loose. :\

    @iZaynab: haha. yeah.


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