Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tagged and An Award

So I got another award from the very awesome Sana Castellano. Click to go to her blog now. RIGHT NOW. She just changed her layout again and I personally think it's the best one so far. Haha. I love what she said about me in her post The Koofy Awards:

"To ISHASHIME from the [blues, the blahs and the blarghs!]. Her blog has such funny and awesome posts! And the blog header is ADORABLE.! "

This is the award she gave me. <3

The rules:
- accept the award and thank the award-giver
- award any deserving blogger that comes to your mind
- do the 'a picture from my camera' thing in which you upload any random picture that you've taken from your/your friend's cellphone/camera and write a funny/sad/interesting/disgusting/sweet/lame/awesome caption for it.

Therefore, I award this to Sidrah from Under The Magic Tree. Her blog is just so cute and adorable, and so are her posts. Plus, she's also really nice. YAY!

Picture from my camera of my Embryology readings:

Best baby picture ever! Who knew we were all once that cute?

So, thanks a lot once again, Sana! Oh, she also tagged me in this survey-like post. Jodie-Ann tagged me, too. You should go visit her blog as well. She writes all these funny posts that are sure to entertain you for hours on end. She's really cool. So you should go visit!

On to the survey-like thing. This is going to be a mix of favorites and first-thing-that-pops-into-my-head kind of thing.

1. Food - oh gawd. i love food. I can't pick favorites. :|
2. Colour - purple. (I used to like blue when I was a kid but then I changed my mind. Haha)
3. Animal - turtle, panda, penguin, dog, goldfish, platypus
4. Sports Team - meh. Sports isn't really my thing.
5. Dessert - anything smothered in chocolate!
6. Artist/Singer/Band - Switchfoot/Relient K (I have my best friend to thank for introducing them to me)
7. Pair of Shoes - sneakers and flats but I love how heels make me look taller and sexier *wink*
8. Outfit - a t-shirt and jeans. I am that imaginative.
9. Skinny Jeans - I actually only have 2 pairs (or 3?). The rest are bootcut jeans, shorts and a few skirts.
10. Brand - I am not really particular with brand names.
11. Perfume - Anything that smells nice and I'm spritzing it on myself.
12. Accessory - I wear a couple of rubber wristbands and those surfer bracelets.
13. City - I like lots of cities. Haha.
14. Hobby - writing, blogging, drawing (in Paint),
15. Beauty Product - facial wash and lotion, basically.
16. Snack - anything that's high in sugar or loaded with cheese or is bad for you.
17. Holiday - My birthday. ( yes, that IS a holiday. haha)
18. Movie - I like tons of films but i like horrors and psychological thrillers particularly.
19. Song - it depends on my mood.
20. Guilty Pleasure - staying up and watching the sun rise and breathing in the fresh morning air.

As for the tagging, good luck answering to:

Signing out,


  1. i love your award! ♥
    and OMG, PLATYPUS! like the one in Phineas and Ferb? was it's name Henry?
    long gone are my boot-cut/baggy jeans days haha. i just can't bring myself to wear them anymore, skinnies all the way!
    haha your birthday is a holiday? :D

  2. Platypusses are always awesome. :3

    But yeah, your blog is indeed quite adorable <3

  3. Oh no, I've been tagged!



    LOL sports SUCK! :D
    Haha platypus! :D They're awesome. I was thinking Phineas and Ferb like Furree Katt. XD
    Chocolate ftw!
    #7 made me LOL!
    Yay for unhealthy food! :D
    #18 YESSSSSS me too! :D

  5. YEAHYA. I feel special! Also, I feel a bit chilly, mostly because I'm stark naked while typing this. Ha! Just kidding.


    I think I've just left the strangest impression on your followers. I'm ashamed.....

    Lemons are cool.

  6. congratulations on your award. It's really cute.

    i enjoyed reading the survey as well. We have few similarities. I'm not into sports either, I also love desserts that smothered with chocolate and I'm also not particular with brand. thanks for following me back. enjoy your day!

  7. Yay, thanku =*
    I have blogged about it =D
    We have a lot in common =P not.

    The developing baby always make me go aww n eww at a same time =D really, how grossly cute we used to be!

  8. @Furree Katt: his name was PERRY. haha. xD close, though. and i still like bootcut/baggy jeans. haha. also, that birthday thing was a joke. haha.

    @Fang: they are indeed. and thankyou, kind sir. :)

    @Mischief Managed: alright!

    @Jodie-Ann: yay for similarities in opinion. haha. xD

    @Eeshie: whuut. o__O haha.

    @mayen: thanks and no problem. looking forward to your future posts! :)

    @Sidrah: yes, i saw. haha. we were indeed such cute little babies. haha.

  9. Yay, you do have an adorable blog! =)
    Omg - embryology. The horror.
    On a lighter note, i like ur tag answers.! The best one is your fave holiday being your birthday =P
    =D Haha. Yes. My blog finally found a soul-template.

  10. Congratz on your award & tag
    : D ♥
    / l a u g h
    High-5 on the sports answer ~
    ; D Thats one sexy guilty pleaure you got

  11. @Sana: tee-hee. thanks! :D i hated studying embryology. ugh. haha. hooray for your current blog template! haha.

    @iZaynab: thankyou thankyou. :) you should try that guilty pleasure one time. it's so refreshing. haha.


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