Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Underwater Monsters: Confirmed (Puerto Princesa Part 3b)

The last thing to do before going home was to go snorkeling.

I volunteered immediately since I love adventure. However, if you haven't yet deduced from the last few posts, I am deathly afraid of underwater monsters. Nothing could ever strike fear into my heart better than them. I'm rather fascinated by them, sure, I just don't want them to be anywhere where they could bite off a limb. Heck, I freak out when my foot touches the drain cover in a swimming pool, for crying out loud. This is a problem since I love to swim but I have to live in constant fear of something taking me to a watery grave.

What I think of every time I go for a dip.

Anyway, the guide and I, armed only with our snorkeling gear, swam out a good distance from the shore. As I looked down, all I could see were rocks, corals, sea anemones and all these fish. It was beautiful. There were rainbow colored ones and "Finding Nemo" ones, all in a variety of sizes. At one point I even encountered a swordfish, which was as long as my forearm. I tried not to get too close, though. We were armed with a packet of bread and it was fun feeding the fishes and watching them gobble everything up underwater. The guide kept showing me these corals but I wasn't really interested.

I did see something that caught my eye, though - a single fish darting around frantically in the water. It seemed to be rather protective of this little rock. I wondered why. Silly me. I dived down there and touched that rock. I didn't think it was worth anything. Anyway, as I turned my back to swim away, I felt something bite me and hard, too. The fish I saw earlier just bit me. I looked back at it and it seemed ready to bite me again. I stared right into those rabid, bloodshot eyes from hell.  At this point, I panicked. Everything seemed to slow down, my limbs felt like jelly. I quickly resurfaced and started screaming, flailing my arms and kicking. The guide rushed to my aid, but I could not say anything of significance. I climbed all over him and dunked his head into the water over and over again in my panic. I kept screaming "It bit me! It bit me! OH GAWD! I don't wanna die!". At this point, the guide starts to become freaked out as well. He grabs me and drags me back to dry ground as fast as he can, as I cling on to him for dear life. As he drags me onto the shore, he looks me over and I point to my leg. There was a little bite mark there, the size of a human kiss mark. Seriously. It was swollen and was bleeding a bit. The guide facepalme'd and told me he thought a shark bit me or something. All I could utter was: "THERE WERE SHARKS BACK THERE?!"

I'll leave you with that,


    Wow, you snorkeled in sharky waters. xD

  2. Sharks??????
    Woah :O

  3. Hey, you overcame your fear, sorta. Nothing happened, you're fine, even though you were "bitten". Can't get any worse than that, right?
    Also, sharks aren't bad guys or anything..

    *spazzes* I would have peed my pants.

  5. I freak out whenever I'm in the ocean too. It's probably because I've seen too many of those Jaws movies.

    And that's so scary how a shark bit you. But at least you now how bragging rights about it, and you can act all hardcore.
    Because you survived a shark attack and everyone else didn't. =]

  6. Lol =D .. sorry.
    I love your writing style, it makes everything so funny to read.

    I wonder what that rock was..

  7. It's scary but you made it sound funny. I was cracking up the whole time. haha..

    I miss snorkeling, I can't do that anymore because I have a really poor eye sight. Everything is blurry without my glasses and contacts. I wonder if i can wear contacts while swimming. Some people say I can but I don't want to try. Underwater view is always amazes me.

    I hope the bite will not leave a ugly mark on your legs.

  8. Funny post. I got hooked with the picture. Haha. Pero, seriously, dumugo? Grbe, kinabahan siguro dun yung guide. "Facepalme'd" love the term and I get the move. :)

  9. Aha same here.
    iAm terrified of stepped in a body of water.
    Unless its my bath-tub or a pool ~
    Aha, atleast you got over your fear.
    But you gained a new one ~?

    > : D Props for getting bit by a shark ! !

  10. @Sana Castellano: i really hope the guide was joking.

    @Kuroneko: i'm not really sure, but that's what he said.

    @Fang: you're sorta right, i guess. also, i don't think sharks are bad guys. although, i might change my mind if they start ripping me to pieces.

    @Jodie-Ann: lol. i was freaking out so much, i probably did pee my pants. haha. kidding. xD

    @Fiona: haha. yeah. darn Jaws movies. xD oh, and no, a shark never bit me. a little fish did. but the guide said that from the way i acted he thought i suffered a shark bite.

    @Sussch: aww. thanks. :) i think that rock was where the fish kept its babies or something.

    @mayen: haha. thanks. i have poor eyesight, too. but i can manage a bit without my glasses. everything would be obviously clearer with them on, though. i often wondered about swimming with contacts, too but my eye doctor discouraged it. oh and yes, no ugly mark please.

    @Miss 'Chievous: yizz. dumugo ng konti. haha. kahit ako kinabahan sobra. xD i like the term facepalm, too. :)

    @iZaynab: pools still scare me. haha. i think i got over my fear a bit. just a bit. and no, it was a little fish that bit me, not a shark. haha. that would be really jfdfkadag! xD


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