Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Underwater Monsters: Confirmed (Puerto Princesa Part 3a)

On our last day at Puerto Princesa, we were treated to one last hurrah-island hopping!

The first two islands were quite interesting. One of the "islands" was a bunch of bamboo/wood rafts with turtle shell-shaped roofs crafted together situated smack dab in the middle of the ocean. There was a food stall and benches and that was about it. You could buy some bread at the food stall, grind them up in your hand and throw them into the water. Pretty soon, a wide assortment of fish would come to gobble every last crumb. I rather enjoyed sending the fishes into a feeding frenzy. Also, there were a lot of jellyfish, surrounding the "island", big and small ones. You weren't allowed to touch them, though. But if you wanted to die within a few hours, you were more than welcome to.

The next island was the aptly named "Starfish Island" because -and you guessed it- there were a ton of starfishes in the waters surrounding the island. There was also an equal number of stonefishes (which are rather deadly). I felt bad for them since the island wasn't named after them, but maybe that's a good thing. Now, you had to be careful with the starfish, though and not leave them out of the water for more than 30 seconds at a time. They need their sea water, apparently. I met Patrick here. Although I do not remember he had all these bumps on his body. Also, he was missing his pants.

Don't you just dig my palm tree shorts?

Next up, the incident,


  1. Cool! Starfish!! I would love to see them move XD I could probably sit there and watch them move around for like an hour before I'd get bored. XD

  2. ; D That sounds wonderful you got to feel on Patrick ~

  3. @Kuroneko: :D

    @Jodie-Ann: i didn't really see them move. they just..laid there. :| :))

    @iZaynab: lol.


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