Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spidey and Venom Look Good Together

So as I've mentioned in the past few posts, it's summer right now and to make being a bum at home seem more glorious, I've decided to try drawing superhero characters. I've always been a comic book fan ever since I was a kid and right now I have a ton of ideas for superheroes (and a few supervillains) but I find it frustrating that I can't really materialize my ideas onto paper, so I'm learning from a few tutorials online. Hopefully, I'll be good enough in the future to not need tutorials and be able to draw my own characters.

Anyway, since I'm a huge fan of Spidey and Venom, I naturally tried drawing them first. Please do not laugh too much at my cheap sketches. *whimpers* This is a first time thing, so be nice. Haha.

Spiderman was really easy to sketch but I don't like how he turned out. I found Venom extremely difficult to sketch and often started over, but I love the final product. I also adore their chibi versions.

In other news, my parents and my little brother are coming to visit this Friday. They'll be here until the 27th. We will probably use this time to go to some awesome beaches and soak up some sun (Also the perfect time for me to have that strawberry banana shake). On the 27th, we'll all board a plane bound for Jeddah before stopping over at Hong Kong for four days and we'll probably visit Hong Kong Disneyland (hooray!) and some other places.

Once my summer vacation is up, I'll probably fly back here with my little brother since he'll also be studying here with me. Then, I'm going to have to face an even harder school year. Oh and I'm also going to have to babysit my 13 year old arch-enemy. Urgh. But whatever, all that still seems so far away.

Summer 2011, please be insanely awesome.



  1. first I didn't laugh on the drawings. Actually I think it's nice, but don't put your hopes up, I'm the kind of person who cannot draw a single flower lol. Seriously, your drawings are fine, with more practice you'll be great.

    You're going to Disneyland Hong Kong!? I'm so jealous! Anyway, have great time with your family. i'm sure you're going to have a wonderful summer and I'm looking forward to read about it!!

  2. Awww, the chibis are just too cute <3
    The other ones are pretty good, too. Spidey seems a bit awkward, but you'll gt around that with a bit of practice ;D

  3. HK Disneyland!!! Nakakainggit!!!!!!! Haaay... may plano rin akong magkaroon ng isang Asian tour.. next year hopefully.. pag magkaroon ng maraming datung.. manalo sa lotto. hehehe... Happy trip! :)

    Ang ganda kaya ng mga drawings.. na-aapreciate ko sya to the max kasi ako, hindi marunong eh. hehehe... I like the chibi spidey. :))

    Enjoy the vacation... and I'm sure, it woudl be awesome!

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  4. ooh, these are amazing! i can't draw for shizz haha. loved the chibi versions too!
    DISNEYLAND :O :O you be sooo lucky.

  5. hahaha!! the chibi versions are so cool!!

    *wonders if the superheroes were actuall superbabies*! =p lol!!

    your summer sounds so awesome... =) compared to mine, college college and college.. =(

  6. You're AMAZING at drawing!
    Whenever I try to draw, everything just seems to morph into a stick figure. x]


    I'm so envious,your drawings are fabulous! My mum laughs even when I draw a stickman!

  8. Nice proportions in the drawings ~
    : D Have drinking that shake & going to Hong Kong Disneyland
    : " D You can always bring me along

  9. Cool!! Those drawings are amazing! You have real talent. :) And I didn't know that there was a Disney Land in Hong Kong o.O That' so cool!

  10. @mayen: aww. thanks for being honest. i'm really hoping that this summer pulls through. :D

    @Fang: yes, i like the chibis best. haha. and yes, i seriously dislike how spiderman turned out. haha. i'm working on fixing that.

    @Leah: naks. asian tour! haha. i hope you get to do so soon. ;) and thanks, i like chibi spidey too. haha. i am hoping summer will be awesome. :D

    @Furee Katt: thankyou, although i really think they need more work. haha. i REALLY hope the HK disneyland trip pulls through and not be a fail like the last time we attempted to go. :|

    @Crimson Coral: thankyou. hmm. probably, probably not, considering some got their superpowers when they were older and some were born with them. haha. aww, cheer up. last year i had college summer classes so it wasn't fun. this is probably the last time in my college career that i would have a 2-month summer vacation. haha.

    @Fiona: aww. thanks. don't worry, i'm sure with practice, you'd get better, too. :)

    @ShuShu: HK is awesome, indeed! i love it there! :D thanks. haha. the secret is practice!

    @iZaynab: thankyou! :D haha. i would bring you along and everyone else i know if only i could. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: aww. thanks. :D and yes, there IS a disneyland in HK and i'm really hoping our plan to go pulls through this time around.

  11. Those have got to be the cutest chibi drawings ever. They made me Giggle out loud! You are such a good artist.

    Have a wonderful break/vacationing time! Take lots of pictures in China for us :D


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