Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Paradise! (Puerto Princesa Part 1)

G'day everyone! *waves*

So I am still very much alive despite my apparent inactivity the past couple of days. I just got back from a three-days-two-nights mini-vacation at Puerto Princesa, Palawan and I am here to recount my experiences. Hoho. Also, I'm leaving again tomorrow on another trip to another province for five days so I may be a bit dead again (also significantly darker from all the swimming under the hot summer sun).

We had to catch a plane to get to Puerto Princesa. It was a relatively okay one hour ride. There were a ton of Caucasian backpackers with us, all of whom were hot, athletic and rugged so that was okay. Next, we rode a shuttle bus to our hotel. It was situated right in front of a beach, and that was awesome. The first thing I did upon arriving was take off my shoes and run around in the sand then fall over yelping in pain since I stepped on a rather sharp chunk of coral. It was unpleasant, I tell you. Anyway, check out some of these photos of the place we stayed at:

Our hotel room is the one in the middle.

The view from our hotel room. The water's so far out since it's early morning but by the afternoon, the mangrove trees over there are half-submerged in water and all this space disappears.

The pool area.

The first day was a pretty laid back day. We were first taken on a tour around the city. We visited a lot of important landmarks and a couple of other attractions.

We visited a  souvenir shop and I bought a couple of these cute little keychain bottles with little shells in them. Some of my IRL friends should expect one of these. I wish I could mail one to all of you guys. Now, my parents actually went crazy with all the buying of souvenirs and take-home gifts. We got loads of banana chips (which was okay since I love banana chips), cashew butterscotch candies, pearls, bead necklaces, etc.

Bottled shell keychains. I find them quite adorable.

We also got to go and visit a crocodile farm and touch some live crocodiles. We also got to see the biggest crocodile caught alive in our country (so far), named Rio. Well, its remains, anyway. The caretakers said it died after about five years in captivity due to internal bleeding and stress (poor thing). It was captured because it had killed someone (by chomping on the dude's lower body!). I guess Rio played fair since the guy he killed was a dynamite fisher.

Rio's bones and skin. He was about 50+ years old when he died. Look at the size of him. Eep! Check out that old guy on the right for comparison.

Say hello to little miss croc hunter! I hunt crocodiles, the inanimate statues kind, that is.

After a few more stops, we also got to go and visit this weaving place. People who want to have a good source of income go here and use these wooden contraptions that I honestly do not know how in the world are operated to weave hats, bags, fans and other items. They have this shop up front showcasing the finished products. I bought a striped wide-brimmed hat, by the way. It goes pretty well with a navy blue summer dress, or a white one. But then again, I don't know since I have sucky fashion sense. Guests and tourists are welcome to try their hand at weaving using one of the wooden machines and I think I messed up whatever it is the woman who let me try was working on.

She looks pissed; pretty understandable considering how badly I tried.

After the city tour ended (around 3 PM), we were given another ride back to the hotel, where we spent the rest of the day alternating between frolicking by the beach and swimming in the pool. At the end of the day, we had dinner by the beach. We had a big feast and I stuffed myself with food since everything was so delicious. It was a fun day. Surprisingly exhausting, but rather fun. 

Stay tuned for day 2,


  1. It all looks so beautiful there! Wish I could go there D:

  2. omg! got something to say YEAH! beuaty!

  3. Wow.. I always want to go to Palawan. The place looks awesome.

    I agree with you on the bottled shell key-chain, they are indeed adorable. Oh i wish you can send me one. lol.

    I laugh at your weaving experience, I'll probably make someone pissed off if I tried that too. it looks complicated.

  4. PRETTY PLACE! and haha i thought the crocodile you were standing over was real :O cute picture!
    i love collecting souvenirs from wherever i go. those bottled shell keychain ones are such a cute idea.

  5. It looks so cool there!! :D An I thought the crocodile was real, too hahahahaha. I was like WTF?! ROOOFLL.

  6. Lovely place :D
    I totally thought that was a trained croc or something -_-'

    Enjoy your next trip :)

  7. You take the best vacations! Take me with you next time!

  8. Humping an crock, like a boss ~ ! !
    That must of been an exciting tour as iCan tell.
    & Remember to steal all the free stuff from the hotel ; D

  9. @Fang: it really was beautiful. perhaps you will someday. :)

    @JapRoulette: yeah! okay... :/ haha.

    @mayen: palawan was beautiful. you should definitely go someday! i really wish i could send you one of those bottled shells. and the woman made the weaving seem so easy! it was definitely hard, though. or maybe that's just me. haha.

    @Furree Katt: looks realistic, 'no? haha. and yes, i definitely love the bottled shells. :)

    @Jodie-Ann: i don't think i could ever stand over a real crocodile! :O haha.

    @Kuroneko: haha. thanks! :)

    @Simply.Aya: this is one of my first real vacations in a while. i wish i could take you with me! in fact, i wish i could take all of you with me. :D

    @iZaynab: haha. right you are. ;) i have tons of free soap now! :))


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