Saturday, May 21, 2011

80's Movie Marathon

My love life isn't really what anyone would normally consider breathtakingly awesome. Not even close. I won't lie, I've had my fair share of guys who liked me. But, let's just say they aren't really my type. Also, the dates are pretty boring and they never really do anything that impresses me. Except for the giving me food part. That, i love.

Forgive me for being too wishy-washy here, but I'd really want my life to be like a movie, for once. I want to have a really awesome day off and have my boyfriend make up an excuse then pose as my dad and pick me up in the middle of class in a really rare red Ferrari. Of course, I will also then proceed to kiss him as our principal looks on with an expression of mixed horror and disgust on his face.

"So that's how it is in their family."

I want someone to write me blue letters telling me that he'll always be there for me, and hold a boombox over his head outside my bedroom window and go to England with me, all the while holding my hands on the plane and reassuring me that everything's going to be alright (The shaking because he's happy is only optional). I want someone to walk across a football field and fist pump the air because he just kissed me. I want someone (in full-on uniform) to walk up to me, sweep me off my feet and carry me off into the sunset.

Siiiiigggghhhh. (P.S. I'd want the horse, too)

Potential male suitors, take heed! Also, is it too obvious that I've been re-watching films from even before I was born? Ah, but it's movies like these that make a girl believe in fairy tales again. Sigh. Now, leave me to my swooning.



    this was too adorable. sometimes i wish for the movie-stuff to happen with me, too.
    well i've been carried by a guy. he ran up two flights of stairs with me like that O.O

  2. Awwww~
    Don't worry, those times will come ;3

  3. This post was really cute. <3

  4. How aww-able was that? =)
    this, for some strange reason, reminded me of darcy's "You showed me how insufficient were all my pretensions to please a woman worthy of being pleased". I dont think such wonderful, sexy guys are still made. but i wont be the kill joy for you. You'll find your darcy =)

  5. For a second I thought you were about to say that someone like the dean tickled your fancy, and I was getting ready to call you out on it, but evil deans need love too, I suppose.

    Some would call me "picky", but I think some of us can agree that it's more like we deserve someone a little more impressive than average, to be sure!

    Of course, it hadn't occurred to me that it's a two-way street and I'd need to make something of an effort as brains and uber-muscles will only get you so far, you know?

  6. Adorable!!! <3 :D
    I'm a romantic. XD So, I wish for the same things. I'm hoping that someday, someone will sweep me off my feet XD

  7. i have also wished that my love life would be like a fairy tale.

    In God's time dear Ishasime, Mr. right man will knock at your door and your love life would be like a fairy tale too.

    You're young, sweet, smart and beautiful.

  8. How can he hold a boombox over his head AND hold your hand? Is your ideal man an octopus? :P

  9. We all want the same thing. ):

    But unless we hitch our star to Chace Crawford's wagon, nothing's going to happen.

  10. Awww.. I didn't know you have a romance in you. lol. I like this post. Very entertaining. We all want a movie like or fairytale like love story. The truth is we can make our own. When we find the right person to share it with.

    You will find yours eventually and you will blog about it. Will you? :)

  11. Aha ~ iLove getting food. <3
    x P OMG OMG OMG.
    iAm dying at the family joke ~
    ; D Your wanted man sound very nice
    It would be cute if we could get a guy here to say he would be your prince <3

  12. @Furree Katt: the movie stuff is the best. (although rather unrealistic at times) really? wow. he must've been really strong. why did he carry you up two flights of stairs? :O

    @Fang: well, they better. haha.

    @Fiona: thanks. :)

    @Delilah: oh yes, how could i have forgotten about Darcy! for the record he is nothing like Edward Cullen (who has been compared to him more times than i can count) and don't worry, i'm sure you'll find your darcy, too. i'm holding out hope for ya!

    @Martin Alexander: eww. haha. i kid. i guess you have a point. oh and yes, i believe that relationships are a two-way thing and both parties must make a little extra effort.

    @Jodie-Ann: yay for romantics and wishing to be swept off our feet! :D

    @pEarL: why, thankyou. i'll be waiting for that fairytale with mr. right.

    @Ada: hmmm. could be. i like octopi! haha.

    @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: haha. true, true!

    @mayen: well, but of course. i'm not normally so cynical and sarcastic. xD also, lucky you, you already have your prince charming. when i find mine, i'll be sure to blog about it. :)

    @iZaynab: i know. the eating is the best part. and yeah, that would be pretty awesome. :)

  13. Hear hear! I would LOVE a guy to write me love letters, then fist pump in the air and dance/twirl around because he kissed me! *swoons*

    Cracked up at: "so that's how it is in their family."

  14. haha i was refusing to go up myself, that's why. :P

  15. @lucy: aye. we all deserve someone like that. provided, we're willing to do the same. haha. :D

    @Furree Katt: whaaat. felt a bit lazy, i see. haha


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