Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amnesia Update and Something Else

'Ello thar, followers, readers, stalkers! How YOU doin'?

Things have been going rather okay-ish for me. I haven't really done any significant progress on Amnesia. This is probably due to the fact that I pause the game every couple of minutes and freak out because I am weird like that. I feel as if I'm a sitting duck just waiting for those monsters to come and get me. Also, I feel as if I'm just moving around in circles. I can almost hear those monsters talking about me.

Monster 1: *snicker* *snicker* Hasn't she passed this way before?
Monster 2: Yeah, like three times already. *snicker*
Monster 1: She looks so lost. Let's put her out of her misery.
Monster 2: Ooooh. Let's.
*Monsters jump from out of freakin' nowhere!*

This is pretty much how I go about the game (P.S. there's a ton of swearing in this video. It's pretty hilarious nonetheless):

It's my turn to give the family dog a bath today, and I love how he doesn't move at all as I spray him with water. He just stands there, taking it, like a boss. Also, he has this weird look on his face. The water isn't cold and it isn't hot either. Sometimes, I wonder if there is something wrong with that dog. Either that or he's just really well-behaved. Yay!



  1. haha.. that video is funny because I imagined you were the one talking. lol.

    I will never play that game. it's scary.

  2. I'd faint when if I ever played that game. I was even kind of scared just watching this guy playing and freaking out D:
    Hilarious nonetheless~

  3. LOOOOOOL I saw that video before! XD One of my friends showed it to me and I LOOOOLed XD

  4. My dog does the weird standing still thing but we have to hold him or he'll try to *very slowly* walk away from the spray.

  5. @mayen: haha. that it is.

    @Fang: it really is different when you're watching someone playing it and then actually playing it yourself. this video is one of the most hilarious amnesia vids i've found online.

    @Jodie-Ann: it never gets old. i still laugh every time. xD

    @Ada: haha. that's one sneaky dog you got!


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