Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sleep-talking Troubles

Here's a little fact about myself that I'm not exactly proud of- I talk in my sleep sometimes. Now, this would be all fine and dandy if only I talked about stuff that anyone (who might have unfortunately caught me sleep-talking) would regard as awesome. I wish I talked about mathematical problems or philosophical theories or other smart crap like I do when I am awake (not).

Pictured: awesome sleep-talking

But sadly, this is not the case. Instead, I spew out ungrammatical sentences revolving around water balloons, fishing wheels, my toast falling peanut butter side down and other such nonsense.

Pictured: guilty confession of love for Jasper from Twilight

I've been told many a time by both family members and friends alike that I woke them in the middle of the night by my inane nighttime ramblings, occasionally accompanied by my schoolgirl-who-just-got-pushed-into-her-crush giggling. They think it's funny (annoying sometimes) but I think it's downright horrifying. I mean, what if I suddenly confess something other than my admiration of Jasper's sexiness? What if I suddenly blurt out secrets and opinions best kept to myself? Therefore, I decided to research on ways to (if not eliminate my sleep-talking altogether) at least reduce it significantly.

Err...on second thought, I think sleep talking is rather cute.

However, once you think about it, I guess I am (and everyone else around me while I am asleep) is way better off than that guy from The Fourth Kind. Alien possession while under hypnosis, sleep-talking, basically the same thing, right?

What the shizz!?!?! I have to admit, though, I am sort of jealous of his levitation skillz.

Sweet dreams, 


  1. hehe.. Napa smile naman ako dito. Hindi naman obvious na ayaw mo ng exercise ano? LOL.. Ganyan din daw ako DATI Sabi ng nanay ko. minsan nga daw, sumisigaw pa ako. hehe. pinapaalala nya dati na huwag i-lock ang bedroom door ko. Para raw kung nagsleep-talk ako, eh marinig nya. JOKE. hehe.. hindi para sa sleeptalk, kundi para sa mga nightmares. Madalas kasi akong nagkakaroon ng ampapangit na nightmares.. pero dati yun. hindi na ngayon. :)

    Anyway, try lang kahit konting exercise. Sige ka, baka lumabas sa bibig mo yung mga pantasya mo ke, Jasper. huling-huli ka. LOL

    Goonight, Ishashime. :)

    i love the smile in the second one haha. and all the stuff you're saying in it. i think Jasper is yummy! :P
    sometimes i say stuff in my sleep. like i'll let out a 'hmmmm?' in a questioning tone. and i breathe really heavily when i sleep, apparently :O
    LOL @ the exercise bit! i never knew it helped, though O.O

  3. At least you don't sleepstrip.
    Cause believe me...that REALLY sucks...

  4. HA! Just go for a walk after dinner every night...

  5. It can definitely be a sign of stress or a day full of events. Find what works for you to help you unwind. Something that doesn't add more info to your brain, like a movie or book, something to just be relaxing and peaceful that works for You not for someone else :)
    It's cool though you just speak. I have been known to have conversations while sleeping, either if someone calls me or if someone walks into my room, conversation of which I don't even remember when I wake up. That's scary.

  6. Used to sleep-talk as well. Once even got punished because of this.

    I don't know if it's still an issue or not .. live in a separate room.

    Walking, yoga and meditation aren't that bad, really. Though, you might end up like the guy on the picture below ;).

  7. Everyone talks in their sleep at least every once in a while. Try to get someone to hear hwat youre saying, can be hilarious. ;D

  8. Lol.
    The awesome sleep talking is EPIC stuff. and so is your confession of your undying love toward jasper(?) I am not a twilight person, wouldn't have got that one if you did not mention it =D So, the jasper character from the book or the movie? =)
    And my ex does that. He used to actually call me up and speak random stuff and conveniently forget EVERYTHING the next morning! I used it to my advantage a LOT =p

  9. What's the matter with it? A girl sleep talking is really cute. Well, that's what I think. And you know, walking and yoga isn't really that bad. That's a routine you can easily do everyday. Why not start doing it? That would be really cool.

    Your drawings are really nice.


  10. Aww that's adorable :)

    My boyfriend guards in his sleep. One time I woke up to drink water, and he sat up and went WHAT ARE YOU DOING. I told him I was having a drink and he immediately fell back asleep. He didn't remember it.


  11. You say that stuff when you're awake?
    But I wish I could hear myself sleep-talking. Or anybody for that matter!
    Time for me to check out some youtube videos? You betcha...

    And I've no idea what this 'Fourth Kind' thing is all about, but it looks pretty hilarious.

  12. I sleep-talk, too sometimes n it's embarrassing =[

    My mum says once I even sang a theme song of some cartoon. What the.. =/ seriously!

  13. Oh my iTalk in my sleep too & iSay alot of weird things.
    Whenever iHave an over night school trip iHope iDon't talk ~
    & End up saying things like fruit.

  14. LOL! I've never talked in my sleep(well, I don't THINK so...) and I don't know anyone who does. XD
    That must suck though to have your thoughts being heard. :O If it was a crush or something... that would be embarrassing.

  15. @Leah: yeah. exercise. ugh. haha. pero sige, try ko na nga. haha. g'night! :D

    @Furree Katt: thankyouuu! lol at your hmmm? haha. i didn't know exercise helped, either.

    @PeaceLoveandSharpies: gawd, that would be horrible!

    @BigMike: but i don't wanna! *whines* haha. fine. i guess i'll have to try it out. every little bit helps, after all.

    @InnocentlyGreen: i've been told that as well. my sleeptalking episodes have been few and far between this summer so i guess relaxing really helps. wow. having conversations with someone and not remembering afterwards sounds rather scary indeed.

    @Sussch: punished for something you can't really control? that sucks. and nooo sirree, i do not want to end up like the guy in the Fourth Kind picture (considering he got paralyzed from the neck down) eep!

    @Fang: i was serious about the Jasper thing. my brother told me he heard me once talking about him while asleep. haha.

    @Delilah: the movie Jasper. i don't think i could've sat through the book seeing as i'm not really a Twilight fan myself and only watched the movie with friends to see what all the hype was about. haha. also, i hope no-one gets the same idea and calls me up! :O

    @Oliver: ah yeah. i'll tyr. although i've hated walking ever since i got it as a PE subject during my first year of college. our professor was horrible! she made us walk extra long miles extra fast! :( haha. and glad you liked my drawings.

    @kite1099: sleeptalkers unite! xD

    @Ada: awww. that incident with your boyfriend is cute and funny at the same time. haha. xD

    @Martin Alexander: no. while i am asleep! haha. yeah, listening to someone sleep-talk is really funny! The Fourth Kind is a movie about aliens and alien abductions starring Milla Jovovich. the particular scene i featured wasn't really funny. it scared the living daylights out of me! haha. xD

    @Sidrah: yeah, sometimes it gets pretty embarrassing but the theme song singing sounds pretty cute! haha.

    @iZaynab: oh yes, when you sleep-talk around friends is the worst! haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: i know. i also think that when you sleep talk, you say some pretty embarrassing stuff from deep in your subconscious. eep! haha.


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