Monday, December 20, 2010

pet peeves please?

So earlier today, I was typing away at my computer happy as can be. I was adding a few more paragraphs to the novel I've been working on when I decided to minimize Microsoft Publisher (which is where I normally do stuff, because Microsoft Word has never really appealed to me) and long story short, I ended up exiting without saving. I was absolutely horrifed. I tried a lot of things to try and bring back the paragraphs I'd already typed out to no avail. So I guess I have to start all over again.

This got me thinking, though. I could use this to my advantage. Like say, make a blog post about it. So here it is! I hate it when I accidentally close a document (or anything for that matter), without saving first. Of course, this only applies to when I actually meant for the changes to be done. Don't those "do you want to save the changes you made to this document" prompts seem suspicious to you when you know you haven't changed anything? Here are a list of my other pet peeves right off the top of my head:
  • smokers who blow smoke in your face. i'm fine with you eventually having some sort of lung problem but please don't pass it on to me.
  • people who spit in the street or out their car windows. no. just no.
  • people who poop or pee on the bathroom floor. for crying out loud, the toilet's right there!
  • people who clog the toilet with tissue paper and anything else they might find fit to throw in there. why would you even do this? T_T
  • people who cut in line. hey buddy, i've been waiting quite a while and I'm not letting you just stroll right in here and act like you're something.
  • people who make popping sounds with their mouth, like Donkey did in Shrek 2, i think. I'm with Shrek on this one. it's soooo annoying.
  • girls who like to touch guys a lot and act overly flirty. come on, girl. don't try to look so desperate.
  • when I buy what I think is the coolest shirt/jeans/outfit and then I find out it looks like crap on me. whyyyyy? :(
  • people who mix up and misspell words. waist and waste, their and they're, your and you're, etc. it makes what you say seem less credible and/or intelligent.
  • people who swear all the time (sometimes, to act cool or to try and prove a point). it's irritating.
  • when someone asks to have some of my food and ends up getting more than half of it. save some for me, please?
  • people who wear their sunglasses indoors. seriously, what?
  • that kid who always reminds the professor of a homework he/she has forgotten to ask for or the test he/she almost forgot to give. darn you! why ruin class for the rest of us?
Oh wow. I actually wrote down quite a lot. I don't think it's a complete list yet, though. Haha. Also, almost all of them involve people. Maybe I find people annoying in general? ermm. Maybe just the ones who do the things I've listed. xD

So, what are YOUR pet peeves?

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