Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some people are loopy!

Hello everyone! I just had a late breakfast of Froot Loops and boy, did that crunchy sugary goodness sure hit the spot. Yummy!. Now, I admit that I like Froot Loops because it's cute and colorful and tasty (although the calories it can pack on leaves much less to be desired). As a result, I only eat Froot Loops when I am super lazy to make a proper breakfast.

So earlier, I randomly googled "froot loops" so I could put off studying and I came across this article that talks about how Froot Loops and some other selected Kellog cereals were recalled from shelves 5 months ago due to an off-flavor and smell coming from the box liners. Apparently some people became sick because of this.

Then, I scroll down and come across this sole comment:

You go, dude!

Now that's what I call dedication. This guy took the time and effort to comment about his love for Froot Loops and how he would gladly scarf down bowls of them even though doing so would endanger his health and perhaps even his life. Of course, even though I really like Froot Loops, I would, as a matter of fact, care if they were "poisonis". I don't love them that much. Apparently, some people do. Haha.

nom nom,


  1. haha i think froot loops are YUCK! =P i just ate them once, a million years ago. maybe they were expired or something that time.
    i looove Coco Pops. but alas, too much chocolate is unhealthy. ;(

  2. I just had a fruit loops this morning.. haha that's funny..

    I love fruit loops.. because I always had the ones with a heart shape hole in it.. I don't know.. but I love it...

  3. @Furree Katt: aww. you don't like froot loops? but they're awesome! haha. anyway, to each his/her own. xD

    @Kamila: niice. good to see someone who shares my love for froot loops. haha. heart-shaped holes? can't say i've encountered one of those. haha. lucky you. :)


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