Monday, December 20, 2010

share the love!

Hello again! So how about this: I leave random pick-me-up notes written on scraps of paper, tissue paper or even post-its in random places like cabs, restaurants, etc. You know, to help brighten some random person's day. :)

So we all know that this is not a new or original idea but it really is able to generate a smile at least. So I decided I'd get in on this and just do it. Oh and to personalize it, I've decided to leave this with my note:
It's just something I whipped up in Paint. So if you ever come across a nice little note with this drawing on it then you'll know it was from me. Haha. Also, you're free to join in and leave little notes of your own.

happy love-giving,


  1. Awesome blog! :D Thanks for following and seeing mine :)

  2. I like leaving little notes around too.. X3
    ..but you already know that they're more on the creepy/weird side rather than cheer-me-ups.

  3. @kray: yeah i know. haha. you were actually part of the inspiration for this. xD

  4. Aww, we should try this again next year XD

    But sometimes it's no fun without the reactions.. :))

  5. We should do this with LS. her reactions are super funny! She keeps thinking the police will be after us for leaving those notes around. :))


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