Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seth Rogen + Jay Chou = The Green Hornet

So when it comes to celebrity crushes, I'm not like other girls who fall for the tall, athletic, dashing and handsome types. I'm the one who falls for the cute, chubby, funny guy.

Therefore, my celebrity crush is naturally:

Yes, that guy right there. He's Canadian and is currently 28 (11 years my senior). Now, I'm sure a lot of people would take one look at him and be all like: "meh". But he's actually a really talented actor and writer, appearing in such films as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, and my personal favorite Pineapple Express where he co-stars with James Franco in this hilarious stoner comedy (I totally recommend it). Unfortunately (for me), he's been officially off the market since September 2010 when he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Lauren Miller, rather unconventionally, I might add. Click here to see why. Haha.

Now, there's this one incident that happened when Seth was fairly new to the whole Hollywood business where he guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live with another rising star who was none other than Megan Fox. So when she comes in from backstage, she greets Kimmel with a kiss, then as Seth leans in to do the same friendly gesture, she physically stopped him from doing so, basically rejecting him on TV. When I saw this, I felt both ashamed and saddened for poor Seth and equally angry at Megan. I mean, how could she do that?  Now, I don't really like Fox that much but after watching this, I disliked her even more. Fast forward  to two years later and both of them are well-established young actors and Seth is once again asked to guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he talks about the incident. Watch both the "incident" and Seth's reaction to it here. It starts at the 1 minute 35 second mark.

Now we all know, there's this new movie called The Green Hornet (a superhero comedy film) coming out soon and Seth will star in it. Jay Chou, a Taiwanese musician and actor is also going to star in this film.

Here's a picture of him. (Seth's opposite, yes?)

Click here to go to Jay Chou's Wikipedia page. Now here's where it gets funny: I actually sort of have a crush on Jay Chou as well after seeing his performance in the film Curse of the Golden Flower (a wonderful fim recommended  by one of my friends). However, he's a bit older (31. haha). But he hasn't really appeared in many movies yet since he is known more as a musician and all of his other movies aren't really that well-known. But suddenly, here he comes and stars alongside Seth Rogen. It's like the two of them met up one day and started talking about how to make me really happy and finally decided on starring in a film together. If only that was true. *siiggghhh* ♥

Okay, enough acting like some lovesick chick. I admire them both and that is that.

I heart you Seth (okay, you too, Jay. Sorry Megan, not you.),


  1. Hey, how come no one comments on this post?? XD

    Lol, anyway~ Let's watch this movie ^o^
    Because it looks cool :'DDD

    My poor allowance.. ''OTL

  2. Perhaps no-one is really interested in seth or jay. huhu. :( haha. kidding.

    yeah, we should watch it! it looks really awesome! :D

    money is not a problem for me. (just for this particular movie. haha)


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