Sunday, December 19, 2010

fonts and fats.

So now that it is Christmas break and I am stuck here at home, I am dreading the inevitable packing on of pounds. eeps. I really need to try and get in shape in time for school again. Why? Well,

  • I want to wear clothes that aren't always too loose that make me look bigger that I actually am or too tight that my rolls of tummy fat are showing. :|
  • I want to know that I have the willpower for this sort of thing.
  • I want to feel a bit better about myself.
  • I am tired of dragging all this extra weight around.
So there. Unfortunately, I really have to step it up since I am holed up at home and can't really do much exercise. I also have to focus on not eating those cookies in the kitchen. Darnit. Why do things that are bad for you taste oh-so-good? *nom nom nom.*

On the plus side though (no pun intended), I have a lot of time to surf the web for hidden gems. Like this website I stumbled upon yesterday-
It let me create a font out of my own handwriting! :D So yeah, that was pretty cool. You just have to print out a template, fill it out, scan the finished thing, upload it, and ta-da! you have your very own font. It took me only about 10 minutes or so. And. . .it's FREE! no hidden fees or anything. You guys should check it out and personalize your papers. Haha.

signing out,

(yes, that is my real handwriting and I know it sucks. haha. i may also make it a personal signature after every post. hmm.) 

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  1. hello. your blog is really adorable!
    and your writing is cute haha, wayy better than mine.
    thanks for the follow, i followed you back. :D


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