Thursday, February 17, 2011

#1 Airplane Toilet Flushes (H)

Good day, lovely readers! To keep things balanced, I've decided to start "Random Stuff of Life that I Hate". After all, life isn't all just about rainbows and butterflies. Now, to distinguish which post belongs to which category, I've taken the liberty of adding either an (L) for Love or an (H) for Hate at the end of each post. Don't you now love me for doing so? Haha. Kidding. Now, for the first (H) post:

The first time I've been on an airplane was when I was about 8 months old (when we moved to the Middle East). Ever since then, we took vacations out of the country every summer (mostly, back to our home country). And each trip takes 16 hours by plane. So naturally, you're either going to want to piss or poop sometime within that time frame. And personally, I've actually hated having to do so. Aside from the fact that I have to stick my butt into someone else's face just to get out of my seat (since I love sitting by the window), the toilet flush is pretty flippin' scary.

Oh gawd. Just look at it, mocking me. LOOK.AT.IT.

Also, I'm pretty sure the people sitting in the 2 rows behind and in front of the bathrooms are always woken up by the sound of something that resembles a sea monster screaming for your soul. Whenever the time comes for me to have to flush, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, quickly press the "flush" button, hastily cover my ears, then cry in the corner of the seriously too-cramped-to-move airplane bathroom stall, fearing that I may be sucked vacuum-style into the toilet's horrible gaping maw and presumably dropped mid-flight on the unsuspecting humanity down below. I mean, that's what they do with all the poop and pee, right?



  1. YOU AND I HAVE THE SAME FEAR. thankfully i've never been on super-long flights ever, so i've usually avoided using the airplane toilets.
    but on the occasions that i have, it's just really, really terrifying.
    that picture is the type that may haunt me forever.

  2. I NEVER GO TO THE TOILET WHEN I'M IN AN AIRPLANE. Because I'm scared that I'll fall into the toilet and I'll get flushed out of the airplane.

  3. I never use the toilet on an airplane haha. I never have to XD

  4. I've never actually used the toilet while on a flight (too scared), but I am terrified of any toilet flushing noise. I think I'll try and avoid 16 hour flights.. /:

  5. @Furree Katt: i knooow. it's so horrible. *sniffles*

    @Aseela Haque: DITTO!

    @Jodie-Ann: lucky you. i absolutely need to pee. :| haha.

    @Simply Aya: seriously? WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO GO? haha.


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