Friday, February 25, 2011

#2 Almost-pimples (H)

Yes, you read that title right, I did say almost-pimples, and yes, I do hate them. I was randomly surfing teh interwebs the other day when I decided to scratch my nose, so scratch my nose I did. But then, it hurt and I got all teary-eyed. Upon closer inspection, there was a little not-so-obvious bump on the side of my nose and it was sorta red but not enough to be noticeable. It was *dun dun dun* an almost pimple. Here is my artistic representation of it:

I hate almost pimples because you only notice them when you scratch them or accidentally touch them. Also, they develop into fully-grown horrible adult pimples (so basically they are the very root of all evil). I was already starting to rejoice over the fact that my skin was actually staring to clear up and there were no more pimples or pimple marks on my cheeks (where I'm most likely get them) but now I am once again thrown into a state of misery since I have an almost-pimple on my nose and it hurts like heck and no matter how much I try to make it disappear, it won't and I have no choice but to wait for it to become a real pimple, which is when I will hastily pop it to end its miserable life. 

Wait, no. Don't pop your pimples. As if torturing you for a couple of weeks isn't bad enough, if you decide to take it upon yourself to quicken the pimple's death, it will leave a horrible crater in your skin that is almost three times harder to get rid of. AAAAAGGGHHH! Not cool, almost-pimple. Not cool at all.



  1. I Hate these lil nasty monsters too =[ and I can't help but scratch them off.. >_<
    Their revenge: They leave behind their horrible marks.


    I like the drawing. I like the post, too. It is funny. You rock.


  2. Oh yes, those are terrible. Especially when, like in your case, you have no idea they're even there D:

  3. i have three almost-pimples on my face. THREE. and they all are most probably going to grow into evil adult pimples at the same time. that mean i'll have to pop them at the same time, too. then i'll have three ugly craters on my face AT THE SAME TIME.
    on a lighter note, that was a good illustration! and funny post :D i like how you concluded with 'poppity pop' haha

  4. LOL.
    I hate pimples. They look so ugly.

  5. I HATE pimples!!! They come at the worst times. D:

  6. @Sidrah: i know. plus the horrible marks are even harder to get rid of. thankyouu! :)

    @Fang: they're ninja pimples! :O

    @Furree Katt: oh nooo. looks like you've got your hands (face?) full. oh and thankyou. :)

    @Nostalgic: i don't think anyone likes them. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: right you are. they are horrible. :|

  7. Almost-pimples are the worst! You can't do anything about them! You just to wait till they get bigger and uglier.

  8. @Aseela Haque: i know. they suck big time. :|


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