Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under The Microscope

On Yahoo News today, there was this article about microscopic images of little things (like moth wings and honey bees) and they were all pretty and colorful. Click here for the article. It made me appreciate how wonderful and well-constructed we all are, literally down to the very last detail. I was intrigued by the article and set out to research some more things seen under an electron microscope. But then I came across. . .

A maggot. Apparently.

WHAT THE HELL? Seriously, what the hell? This looks like some 2nd grade kid's arts and crafts project gone wrong. I mean, it has the googly eyes (that seem to be popping out of its head) and everything! Unfortunately, it is real actually. Here is my source to prove it. Maggots are already gross and icky not super-ultra-mega magnified but now, I can conclude that it definitely looks much worse up close. Good job, Mother Nature.



  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! What in the WORLD is that?! Ahahaahahahaha!!

  2. that is DISGUSTING! ewww!
    and omg, there's a full article of this on, loads of close-ups of microscopic creatures it's really terrifying!

  3. @Simply Aya: i guess you could say that. haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: it's a maggot. a close up of it and it looks like some messed up muppet. xD

    @Furree Katt: yes, i did come across that article as well. some magnified stuff are better left un-magnified. they're less gross that way. haha.

  4. that's a close up maggot? Lord is really funny... hahahha

  5. It's kind of cute, actually. <3

  6. @Laughing Vault: it is cool. . .as long as it stays a few feet away from me at all times. haha.

    @Kamila: i guess so. :D

    @Fang: eeww. i don't think i agree with you. haha.

  7. @Aseela Haque: i know, right? IT LOOKS INCREDIBLY UNREAL. xD


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