Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my superhero journey (part 3)

Hello once again, everyone! I'm going to be the chairperson in a class discussion we're going to have tomorrow (so basically, I have to ask questions, have my group mates answer it, facilitate the flow of the discussion, make sure everyone gets a turn to speak and basically be the boss of things) and it's going to be about John Stuart Mill and Utilitarianism. So, let us talk about Utilitarianism. Well, the idea it follows is basically the right action is the one that supplies the greatest amount of good over the greater amount of people. This means that. . .

Now, hold on. Why would I even be talking about this? Utilitarianism does not interest me, but superheroes do. *wink* I think we've actually covered quite a lot of ground. We've talked about superhero powers and costumes. For this entry, we'll talk about things that lead to the end of superheroes (which never happen because, you know, comics)

So this post is about superhero weaknesses. Now let's go on and talk about some of what I think are the lamest superhero weaknesses:

1) Martian Manhunter- Fire
"I think I'll just hover up here and be awesome"

J'onn J'onzz is basically a green superman and a whole lot more. He also has telepathic powers and can shape-shift and become invisible. But then we have his weakness-fire, which is basically almost always present in every battle ever. You know, with all the explosions and whatnot. Well, I guess you had to stop him somehow, considering how awesome he is.

2) The Green Lantern-The color yellow
"Now I shall just punch you in the face and fall"

How to beat The Green Lantern:  Paint your entire house and everything in it yellow, invite The Green Lantern over for breakfast and serve him scrambled eggs and lemonade. And don't forget to wear a yellow banana suit. Oh and the original Green Lantern was powerless against wood. Bonk him on the head with a stick and you win.

3) Aquaman-Can't stay out of water for more than an hour

"Hey guys, I have an idea! Let's swim around like this in a circle and try to pass time"

So Aquaman is already lame as he is. I mean, who would even like a superhero whose only powers consist of being able to talk to your pet goldfish and to use dolphins as water skis? But his weakness is even more disappointing. I mean, what happens if you have to do something out of water for more than an hour, like, I don't know, fight crime? And even if he is fully capable of beating the bad guy in the water, who would even want to be evil under the ocean? What would they even do? Terrorize the coral reefs?

Aaaaaaaaaannnd done. So I've picked three of the more well known lame weaknesses to discuss (sort of) and I picked only three since I'm tired now and I have a 7 AM class tomorrow. So, in the next part of this series, I shall talk about sidekicks and if they are really needed. 

See ya later (alligator),


  1. There's a lot of lame weaknesses they smacked onto superheroes. They could've come up with something more deep, like the mention of his long lost mother or something xD

  2. Lol, those weaknesses really screw them over. Haha...

  3. I think side kicks are essential. They are like stars at night, but they don't dare outshine the moon... or something :) good luck on your presentation.

  4. @Fang: i know. i don't know why they couldn't have come up with something better.

    @Jodie-Ann: right you are. haha.

    @rah: haha. nice. that does make sense. and thankyou, i actually did pretty good. :D


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