Saturday, February 5, 2011

lunch choices

Noooooooo! *cue dramatic music here*

Okay, so I've been really caught up with all the schoolwork I have to do and I am sort of freaking out. There are a ton of deadlines that are fast approaching and I am really getting a bit stressed out. Therefore, I shall take this time to apologize in advance if I won't be able to post regularly (I've always wanted to post everyday or at least every other day). I'm estimating that starting next week, I will only be able to publish two or three relatively good, well-thought-out posts per week.

Anyway, moving on. It's the weekend and that means I have to leave the comforts of my home (and my studying) to go get food for lunch. I love that word-lunch. The problem is, I don't really know what I want to eat. I have narrowed it down to three choices, though.

1) California Maki

I like my california maki sushi rolls with a dollop of mayonnaise on top. I also like to dip them in soy sauce with calamansi and smooshed wasabi (just a bit since I'm not really a fan of hot food) mixed in. I also like the ones made with mango instead of avocado better. I can get these at the local mall, which is a good 15 minute walk from the condo (10 if you walk really fast. haha) 

2) Goldilocks Chicken Barbecue

I could also go and get some chicken barbecue over at the Goldilocks restaurant which is a mere 3 minute walk down the road from the condo. This meal is filling and tastes yummy but once I'm at the restaurant, I will be tempted to buy a lot of ensaymadas. Google it if you don't know what it is, but it's delicious.

3) McDonald's cheeseburger and fries

For a quick and easy meal, I could also opt for the ever-present McDonald's cheeseburger and fries. The nearest McDonald's restaurant is a 10 minute walk from the condo. Now, I actually have a weird habit when I buy a cheeseburger and fries meal at McDonald's because once I get my order, I immediately lift the bun and remove the sole pickle that always comes with the burger. Of course, I could order for a burger without a pickle but I seem to like it better when I remove the pickle myself. Meh.

Alright, so those are my choices and I'm getting all hungry just thinking about all this food. I wish I could eat all of them (and not get fat, of course) but we don't live in a perfect world and therefore I am only restricted to one. Oh well. What would you rather eat? It doesn't even have to be included in the choices I've mentioned. Perhaps I can get some ideas from you guys. I'm always up for something new.

I am in a pickle,


  1. Yay sushi! 8D
    Eww cheeseburger... The regular hamburgers are waaay tastier~

  2. Goldilocks chicken barbeque - YUM! =D Tell me what you get, I've never had sushi, so DO tell me if you have that and how it was.
    Ps : how do u pronounce ur name, ishashime? and what does it mean?
    also, what's ishashekina?

  3. @Fang: yay indeed! :D but i like cheese, therefore i like cheeseburgers. haha.

    @Sana Castellano: yes, the barbecue is indeed yum! i'm actually veering towards that. haha.
    omy! you've never had sushi? i've already eaten sushi many times before and it is indeed delicious. there are a ton of different kinds but each one is delightfully yummy in their own way. it's hard to explain the taste but it's like having a mouthful of rice and all the other ingredients portioned in such a way that they bring out each other's flavors. haha.

    finally, sorry if you got a bit confused but ishashime is actually my nickname/screen name. it's pronounced ee-sha-shi-mee. it doesn't really have a meaning. isha shekinah pronounced shee-kai-na (kai rhymes with pie) on the other hand, is my real name; the name my parents gave me. haha. i'm not sure what isha really means but i know shekinah means glory of God. :D

  4. OMG! your post made me super hungry =o *drools*

    I want cheeseburger and goldilocks chicken plz!

    happy blogging =)

  5. I love Cal Maki as well.. yum yum... actually it's the only sushi that I know what name is.. I also love other sushi but I just don't know the name.. and oh my gosh.. fats but delicious... well..maybe just after eating burn your fats by walking back to your condo and taking the stairs... hehehe...

    what I love in goldilucks is their Lumpiang sariwa and dinuguan.. yum yum

  6. I have a little something for you!! in my basket of dreams

  7. @Sidrah: haha. i actually finally decided on the Goldilocks chicken. thanks. happy blogging to you, too! :)

    @Kamila: haha. yes, California Maki is indeed my favorite. i knoow. i really have to step up my game and exercise more. fats be gone! haha. i haven't tried the lumpiang sariwa yet but i like the dinuguan. :D
    and ooooh. you have something for me? *gets all excited* i shall check it out then! :D

  8. Aww, that is a really cute and unique name =) I <3 it.

  9. @Sana Castellano: thankyouuu! :)


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