Saturday, February 12, 2011

UPD day


Just so you know. I should really be studying for the upcoming Anatomy and Physiology exam we have on Tuesday but here I am postin' on my blog. Haha. This will basically be an update for you guys about what's going on in my life right now. I don't really know if you care about this stuff but here goes:

We have a video report to do about human development (our group got the 13-18 age group) so we've been going to all sorts of places looking for people to interview and stuff. This morning, we went to UP Diliman (a college here in the Philippines) to look for people to interview. UPD is big and has a lot of trees and stuff unlike UP Manila (where I study) which is right smack in the middle of the city, with all the pollution and shizz.

Anyway, while we were there, we had a lot of time in between interviews so I camwhored a bit. We also ate and drank Oreo cheese shakes (which is delicious, by the way). Overall, it was a good and productive day, even though one of our interviewees cancelled at the last minute. Oh well.

Now, to get back to studying. I shall now leave you with some of the pictures I took earlier today:

Where we were earlier. That fence framework thing isn't normally there but they're setting it up now since there is going to be a college fair event sometime next week (or so I've been told).

Picture of my feet. Haha. I've had those chucks for about 4 years now I think, and this pair has been through a lot (I have 3 other pairs. haha).

Perfect day for ice cream! The flavors are cookies and cream, avocado and cheese. I know, I know, so weird. It still is delicious, though. 

This is me wearing my friend's decapitated husky hat. Haha.

Some random cat.

And finally my friend who never wants her picture taken. Haha.

Signing off, 


  1. Good luck studying! (Also, the ice cream looks kind of... gross, because of the big brown chunk on the top ;D)

  2. thankyouu! :)
    haha at the ice cream being gross. that big brown chunk is actually a cookie bit and it is delicious so yeah. :P

  3. best of luck for school, and that oreo shake sounds good! have you tried oreo balls? they're amazing; you should look up the recipe and try those too. :D
    and that husky hat is really cute! haha.

  4. Good luck with school!! :D And oh, God that ice cream looks... gross. XD But, maybe it tastes good as you say. But, can you really put CHEESE in ICE CREAM?!


    about your post, OMG your shoes. ♥ i have four pairs of chucks too. i must say yours are really adorable. i love your outfit, and the husky hat!
    THAT ICE CREAM LOOKS REALLY AWESOME. weird, but awesome.
    i definitely am interested in posts about yourself :D

  6. @Mystical: thankyou. i looked up oreo balls and found hundreds of pictures of them. they all look so glorious! HAHA. i might try them someday. and yes, i liked the husky hat, too. sadly, my friend did not bring her panda hat. :| haha.

    @Jodie-Ann: thanks. :) the ice cream IS good. trust me. haha. and yes, we are weird. we put cheese in ice cream and sometimes eat ice cream in a bun. hahaha. xD that's not even the worst of it. have you heard about balut? i've only eaten it a few times but i was so grossed out each time. :|

    @Furree Katt: google those oreo balls and you will find they look delicious! HAHA. yay for chucks lovers! haha. thankyouuu! :D

  7. That's classic pinoy ice cream.. Jodie-Ann might say more gross if I told her it is called dirty ice cream.. but what the heck! It's YUM YUM!! Hahaha... I know how UP Diliman was so big... I wanted to study there.. I think everybody does.. but.. but.. okay.. I'm not suite for it! hahaha.. Anyway! That's a great day!

  8. @Kamila: haha. yeah. i know. dirty ice cream is the shizz. i never wanted to study at UP Diliman. UP Manila was always my dream school and i am so thankful that i got in.
    everyone is suited for anything. don't put yourself down, Kamila. and yes, it WAS a great day. :)


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